Understanding Epistemology: Bible Readings – Acts 17: 22-28

The main point of this reading is how its telling us god is the world. God made the world.  God is not to be held in the human hands, we are to be held in gods hands. We are held in his hands because he is the one who created us, the on who created everything in this world for us. He created us so there for we too are his offspring.

This reading to me means that god will lead us in the direction we need to go, he has a plan for us and we need to trust him. by keeping our faith or strengthening it god will continue to lead us in our life.

To the world this means if we all come together and go to church and worship god, he will carry us in our faith. we are gods offspring, he created us to do something in this world, we need to look around and find something we worship and that we can connect to god, and have trust in him and he will show us our path.


What Being Human Means? (Poll)

Being human means to have all of these objective qualities, Mass, charge, weight, life, grow, reproduce, take food, active, feeling, pain, sense danger, communicate, affection, adaptability, understanding, conscience, love.

Being human means the ability to act human, and the want to do so. Humans can choose to act inhuman, but animals cannot choose to act human. We as humans have freedom of choice, we can feel, understand, love, and have a conscious unlike anything else in the world today.

Being human to me means to be able to love and to be love, to be understood as to understand. A way that we can act more human is by exploring our faith, this prayer is a prayer that I can relate to as a human and really understand the meaning of it.

Our faith helps guide us in a way that is to act more human. God created us as humans if he wanted us to be animals he would have created us in the animal body. We need to obey go so he will lead us in the right direction. we need to pray and thank god, by showing him that we will do good things with our body and not waste it.

Being human to the world means to be humble. Scientist think that we evolved from monkey like creatures, the theory of evolution. No one can fully prove that this is a one hundred percent true statement but more people are starting to believe this is how we are humans today.




Understanding Humanity: Bible Readings – Luke 10:30-37

“The good Samaritan”. A Samaritan is described as a charitable or helpful person. In this reading we can focus on how people can often ignore what they see because they think its not their problem and how sometimes they can be too self centered to care.

We can also focus on the point of how people will choose to stop because they believe that that is the right thing to do. some people follow God and God leads them to be good humans. When seeing someone in pain, as a good human we would be lead to help them.

This bible reading describes the difference between being a good human and not, the “good Samaritan” was showing parts of being a good human, where as the parts where the priest walks past with out showing any care is showing that he isn’t very conscious and not necessarily a good human.

Understanding humanity can be a hard thing to do because of the complexity of humans, or what it means to be human. This relates by showing that because its showing that selfless people understand other humans pains.

When I read this it makes me feel a sadness for the man who is wounded, and how people just walk past him. If i were to put myself in this mans shoes I would feel so sad if no one were to help me. I would do the same for others as they would do for me.