Understanding Humanity: Bible Readings – Luke 10:30-37

“The good Samaritan”. A Samaritan is described as a charitable or helpful person. In this reading we can focus on how people can often ignore what they see because they think its not their problem and how sometimes they can be too self centered to care.

We can also focus on the point of how people will choose to stop because they believe that that is the right thing to do. some people follow God and God leads them to be good humans. When seeing someone in pain, as a good human we would be lead to help them.

This bible reading describes the difference between being a good human and not, the “good Samaritan” was showing parts of being a good human, where as the parts where the priest walks past with out showing any care is showing that he isn’t very conscious and not necessarily a good human.

Understanding humanity can be a hard thing to do because of the complexity of humans, or what it means to be human. This relates by showing that because its showing that selfless people understand other humans pains.

When I read this it makes me feel a sadness for the man who is wounded, and how people just walk past him. If i were to put myself in this mans shoes I would feel so sad if no one were to help me. I would do the same for others as they would do for me.

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