Understanding Epistemology: Bible Readings – Acts 17: 22-28

The main point of this reading is how its telling us god is the world. God made the world.  God is not to be held in the human hands, we are to be held in gods hands. We are held in his hands because he is the one who created us, the on who created everything in this world for us. He created us so there for we too are his offspring.

This reading to me means that god will lead us in the direction we need to go, he has a plan for us and we need to trust him. by keeping our faith or strengthening it god will continue to lead us in our life.

To the world this means if we all come together and go to church and worship god, he will carry us in our faith. we are gods offspring, he created us to do something in this world, we need to look around and find something we worship and that we can connect to god, and have trust in him and he will show us our path.