BNW chapters 1-5

1. what is the initial setting of the story?

  • The initial setting is Central London, Hatchery and conditioning Centre.

2. What does the date A.F. represent?

  • After Ford

3. What are the five different classes of people?

  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon

4. What modern process parallels the Bokanovsky Process?

  • Cloning

5. Identify two major instruments of social stability.

  • Population control, class system

6. What was the planetary motto?

  • Community, identity, stability

7.  According to the time, what is the secret of happiness and virtue (what does conditioning aim at?)

  • Key to happiness is liking what you have got to do

8. What is the process that accelerates maturation?

  • Pod-snaps technique, mass production

9.  What is the average production from one ovary?

  • 8-96

10.  Why is this civilization broken down into castes?

  • Civilisation is broken down into castes because they rank the people mostly on “smarts” so to be an Alpha you have to be the smartest of the smart. they also have them split into minus and plus. a epsilon minus is the not very smart people

11.  Arrange the five castes from highest intelligence to lowest.

  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon
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