Q/A Chapters 8-10

  1. Has Linda adjusted to savage life?

Linda hasn’t adjusted to the savages way of life because of her conditioning. On the savage reservation Lenina gets judged and whipped for sleeping with more than one guy because they can only or should only have one guy

  1. Why does Bernard have a different reaction to the savages?

Because he is more open minded and doesn’t judge them for their appearance, he likes how they can do what they want and they are free.

  1. What is the significance of mescal?

Mescal is alcohol it is still a type of drug that makes you feel happy it is just in a different form, and it can give you hangovers. they use mescal instead of soma.

  1. What are the reactions of the savages to Linda?

linda doesnt like being on the reservation.

  1. What does John mean to Linda?

linda is johns mother.

  1. What is the significance of John finding the works of Shakespeare?

no one else on the reservation knows about shakspear besides him, they cant read.

  1. What is John’s reaction to Lenina?

Thinks she is beautiful , the most beautiful girl hes ever seen. but then he finds out she just wants sex and he calls her a whore.

Q/A Chapters 11 to 14

  1. In England, how does Bernard take advantage of the Savage to elevate his social position.

He starts holding parties for the upper caste to meet the savage which gets him more woman. The attention is shifted away from people making fun of his physical appearance and the alcohol in his bottle.

2. Why is the Savage displeased by the feelies?

john sees woman in a loving and romantic way and wouldn’t treat a lady like the man in the movie

3. Why does Linda use soma?

Linda takes soma because it’s an escape from her life and doesn’t give you hangovers like mescal

4. Why does Mustapha Mond reject the new theory of biology?

purpose of life might not be “the maintenance of well-being, but some intensification and refining of consciousness, some enlargement of knowledge.” Mustapha agrees with this but doesn’t want to publish it for the society to see because it will ruin it.

5.What is the group’s reaction to the refusal of the Savage to come to the party?

The guests become very mad

6.Why does the Savage want to be unhappy?

so he can experience the feeling of being truly happy.

7.Why does Helmholtz laugh at Romeo and Juliet?

laughs at the way love is portrayed in Romeo and Juliet he thinks its funny because she picks one man not many.

8.Which character foreshadows and eventually influences Lenina’s actions toward John?

Fanny influences Lenina to act on her feelings.

9. In the confrontation between Lenina and John, we see a side of Lenina that does not coincide with the training of the state. What is it?

Lenina doesn’t like to sleep around anymore. She is wants john and only john, but they are trained to like many men and loving one man is not okay.

10.What was John’s reaction to her affection?

All John’s words of commitment and love didn’t get through to Lenina she just thought he wanted her back so she tried to seduce him, which John didn’t like he gets really mad because he now thinks she only wants him for sex so he ends up slapping Lenina and calls her a whore

11.What news did the telephone call bring to John?

got a call from the hospital for the dying saying Linda overdosed on soma.  The nurses don’t try to save anyone from dying.

12.How did the children react to death?

the kids in the hospital are death conditioned. It makes them not fear death. They are insensitive to Johnand they wonder why is ugly and fat. No sympathy is given to John about his dying mother.

13.Why does Linda die with a look of terror on her face?

she mistakes john for pope and she is struggling to breathe and realizes she’s about to die.

14.What and who is the rebellion brought on by?

it is brought on by john whe he throws soma away and tells everyone it is poison and killed his mother, and will kill others.

15.What is the price Utopia has to pay for stability?

lose personal identity.

16.How does John’s reaction toward Utopia affect Mustapha Mond?

Mustapha Mond desrcibes  if everyone was made an Alpha Plus the world would be sad. Everyone would be smart and everyone would be the same.  there wouldn’t be the people to run the different jobs if we weer all alpha plus.

chapers 6/7

  1. What was the punishment the Director had planned for Bernard?

The director threatened to transfer Bernard to a Sub-Center, preferably to Iceland.

2. What effect did hearing of the planned punishment have, initially on Bernard?

Once Bernard hears that’s the Director is serious about finding him a replacement he becomes worried.

3.What were Lenina’s reactions to the mesa? Why did she react this way?

She describes the mesa as queer. Lenina despises the Indian tour guide because he’s smelly and old. In the World State no one is older than sixty which why she’s judging the people here

4. Two new characters are introduced in Chapter 7, probably to show cross influences of the two cultures and to further comparison. Each character starts in one culture but spends much time in the other (but they do not start in the same culture). The two are?

The two new characters we meet are Linda and John. Linda started off in the World State as a Beta worker but the Director left her at the Savage Reservation.

5.How is the Savage’s appearance different from others on the mesa?

fair skin, straw colored hair and pale blue eyes make him stand out compared to the others on the mesa.

6.How has the Savage’s mother’s appearance changed on the reservation – that is, what has it become?

Linda used to look ‘pretty’. she is overweight, looks old and reeks of alcohol.