chapers 6/7

  1. What was the punishment the Director had planned for Bernard?

The director threatened to transfer Bernard to a Sub-Center, preferably to Iceland.

2. What effect did hearing of the planned punishment have, initially on Bernard?

Once Bernard hears that’s the Director is serious about finding him a replacement he becomes worried.

3.What were Lenina’s reactions to the mesa? Why did she react this way?

She describes the mesa as queer. Lenina despises the Indian tour guide because he’s smelly and old. In the World State no one is older than sixty which why she’s judging the people here

4. Two new characters are introduced in Chapter 7, probably to show cross influences of the two cultures and to further comparison. Each character starts in one culture but spends much time in the other (but they do not start in the same culture). The two are?

The two new characters we meet are Linda and John. Linda started off in the World State as a Beta worker but the Director left her at the Savage Reservation.

5.How is the Savage’s appearance different from others on the mesa?

fair skin, straw colored hair and pale blue eyes make him stand out compared to the others on the mesa.

6.How has the Savage’s mother’s appearance changed on the reservation – that is, what has it become?

Linda used to look ‘pretty’. she is overweight, looks old and reeks of alcohol.

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