Q/A Chapters 8-10

  1. Has Linda adjusted to savage life?

Linda hasn’t adjusted to the savages way of life because of her conditioning. On the savage reservation Lenina gets judged and whipped for sleeping with more than one guy because they can only or should only have one guy

  1. Why does Bernard have a different reaction to the savages?

Because he is more open minded and doesn’t judge them for their appearance, he likes how they can do what they want and they are free.

  1. What is the significance of mescal?

Mescal is alcohol it is still a type of drug that makes you feel happy it is just in a different form, and it can give you hangovers. they use mescal instead of soma.

  1. What are the reactions of the savages to Linda?

linda doesnt like being on the reservation.

  1. What does John mean to Linda?

linda is johns mother.

  1. What is the significance of John finding the works of Shakespeare?

no one else on the reservation knows about shakspear besides him, they cant read.

  1. What is John’s reaction to Lenina?

Thinks she is beautiful , the most beautiful girl hes ever seen. but then he finds out she just wants sex and he calls her a whore.

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