Faith Like Potatoes: Jeremiah 29:11

Considering Angus in the start of the movie to the end he changed quite a lot. At the beginning of the movie Angus acted like he needed no help, nor wanted anyone to help him. He acted out and got angry very quickly over the little things. When a man cut him off driving Angus got very mad and he hit the guy. by the end of the movie Angus’s attitude had changed, he had learned how to control himself a lot better.  He realised he did need help in order to be successful. Angus let more people into his life and he looked for help from God.

The first question from God to Angus was, are you prepared to be a fool for me? This to me means God is asking Angus if he is prepared to go out of  his comfort zone in order to have God help him. God is asking Angus if he is prepared to do things God asks of him even if it means Angus could feel different or unsure about it. God will not hurt Angus, but Angus needs to have trust in him that God will not make him do things that could hurt him.

Are you prepared for people to persecute you because of my name? this was the second question god had asked Angus. God is asking if Angus is prepared to follow him and tell people that he is a follower of him. In doing so, following God, it will bring God closer to Angus. When God becomes closer to us he helps us with what we need.

The final question God asked Angus are you willing to spend less time with your family? This meant if he wanted Gods help God would need to be put before others, even the ones who are closest to him. Angus would have to take time away from his family and work in order to pray and speak to God.


At the beginning of high school my plans were quite different then how they are now, at first I thought I knew what i wanted to do. I wanted to stay close to home and I wanted to be a nurse. Now as i’m getting closer to the end of school I want to move far from here and go on a adventure to a new place, I want to go into the heath industry but not sure what career in heath.  If God were to ask of me the same three questions I am not sure how I would respond, I would continue to pray to god and try to be close with him. I would not necessarily care how others thought of me going to church i would be proud of it. Taking time away from my family in order to come closer with god would be okay and I would be proud of it.

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