Psalm 100

This psalm talks about how god is always with us. God will always be with us when we have faith, we can talk to god anytime during the day and he will be here to listen to us.this relates to the movie because many times angus will pray to god and god will always be there to listen.

It also talks about how god is our creator. God created us for a reason. We all have a purpose on this planet and something that god wants us to do. Before Angus planted the potatoes he prayed to god, and listened to what god had to say. All the other men in the movie told him that it wasn’t a good idea but god told him to plant and he was very successful.

This psalm also shows us how god can control us. God leads us to the right path in life. He can control us by us having trust in him. If we have trust in god he leads us to do what is best. When angus trusted in god he prayed and when he pulled out his first potato it was huge and a amazing success. He put his trust in god and god helped him.

This psalm to me means if I put my faith and trust in god he will lead me down the right path in life. he will always be here for me when I need him. prayer is a way that I can become closer with God. We can  become successful with the help of God, we just need to put our trust in him.

Many religious groups trust in this psalm the believe that by following this he will help them. They believe going to church and being in a place when they can truly connect to god can make them relate and be closer to god.

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