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Having special needs is defined as needing particular educational requirements resulting from learning difficulties, physical disability, or emotional and behavioural difficulties. There are people with special needs all over this world, in the towns we live in, schools we go to or even places we live. Saying there are not people in my life with special needs would be wrong, because there is everywhere.

There is one certain special needs kid that I know, she doesn’t go to my school, but she is in the same town, she is very polite, kind, and considerate to others. When this person talks to me she is knowledgeable and gives good advice, since knowing this person my life has been somewhat changed. She shows me that no matter what is going on in your life there is always something that can make you smile. she has physical disabilities that can make her very hard to understand but the bits and pieces you do hear and understand are very kind and you can take some great advice from her. knowing how she is treated because she is different sometimes makes me really sad, because no one deserves that treatment. No one is perfect, so why does someone who looks or talks a little different get treated so much worse, then someone who is popular but a bully. I believe everyone should be treated equally by others, and that you should treat others they way you wish to be treated.

In my school there is many kids who have some sort of “special needs”, or kids in the past years who have as well. Varying from kids who cannot fully control their behaviour, to kids who have physical disabilities, and all the different levels in between. Our school supports these kids and welcomes them into our building, our teachers help them with what they need as well our school provides them with a aid to assist them through out the day. As for our students, I would like to say we have a pretty great school with lots of amazing kids, however there still are those kids who treat kids with special needs poorly because of their looks or way the talk, which is very disheartening.

There are several people in ourĀ  community who you will see walking down the street, at community events, or just doing daily life things. They are always very friendly and will usually carry on a bit of a conversation with you. For example jimmy is a man with a certain type of special needs, you will see him at every town event, wandering the streets with his dog, and with his friends from the lions club. He is always super friendly and will talk your ear off about whats been going on with his life and his dog. our community is super inclusive to these people and will welcome them into anything that they would like to do.

Our world is also very inclusive with people with special needs. In small towns everyone knows who they are and welcomes them in. In larger cities there is places and groups where these people can go and talk, play games and hang out with their friends or other members of these groups. we all feel to a certain extent to include these people and think of ways we can. although not all people view them as equal I believe we can get there in the future and everyone can be more socially inclusive toward these people.

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