Prospectors trail

Norman. Norman takes risk by being a prospector, he is clumsy, he has insomnia, and is married to Jennifer. Jennifer pushes him around. Their relationship is is not good and is going downhill because Jenifer is too controlling of Norman. The tent Jennifer and Norman sleep in is also falling apart.

Jennifer. Jennifer Holds Norman back from his dreams, she doesn’t like nature, where they are sleeping or anything about Norman. We focused on how she had a sharp eye for things but could also see the big picture, and that is a important trait. she is rude and makes ultimatums like how she will leave Norman if he wears jacket.

Roy. Roy likes the country cause its laid back, hes wise he says “the right ones stay” hes talking about their relationship. Doesn’t have to convince Elsie to stay, she sees the potential unlike Jennifer.

The people in this short story do seem like real people because the still get in arguments, they act how people would act int the woods and they gave specific traits. Yes their are stereotypes in this book. we talked about them the plaid jackets the authentic northern experience, and duct tape.

Roy’s plaid jacket represented leadership. Norman looked up to him when he wanted to follow him around when prospecting. Norman’s plaid jacket at the end represented freedom. He wore it to because it made him happy and eventually led for his break up with Jennifer, which made him more free and even happier.

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