Further Arrivals by Margaret Atwood is mainly about a immigrants coming to Canada and what they face while trying to enter Canada, they face assimilation, change, and difficulties within themselves. The poem talks about them leaving their old home and moving to Canada to start a new life. Before reading this poem we found out by reading other poems that Margaret Atwood puts violence and paranoia into her poems.

She talks about their struggles for example when  they entered here she ”entered a large darkness” which can be interpreted as depression. In the poem it aslo say show she “refuses to look in the mirror” what shes trying to say here is that by assimilation they couldn’t even see who the really were anymore. Margaret Atwood wrights about how relationships are, truly, with conflicts and all.

Death of a Young Son by Drowning is the other poem that caught my attention it relates to this other poem because they both talk about things that happened in there life, land and new places. In the death of a young son  by drowning we thought at first it was about abortion then as we explored it more we realized it was not.

The mom describes land as ”the land I floated on”. “Plunged into distant regions” is meaning how the son left the mother and into a new area kind of like how in the other story it was describing first nations also entering to a new home. . When the boy is dying the mother struggled to save him but couldn’t that why she used the line ”but could not claim to touch”.

These two story are both about very deep topics and hard things that people had to go through. They were both very interesting and a lot of emotions came up when reading these.


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