BNW final response

“Man can be scientifically manipulated”.

In Brave New World humans are mass produced in factories. This process is called Bokanovsky process. It is described in the book as, where the embryo is cloned and split into 96 identical copies. The embryos then get split into five castes and then minus and plus, the groups are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon.  They scientifically modify everyone and control exactly who they make based on what they are looking for.

Aldous Huxley suggests psychological manipulation will become more popular in the future. So in brave new world we talk about conditioning, everyone is almost hypnotized to do something  certain way. One example how they do this is by introducing hypnopedia (sleep teaching). This is the process of putting voices underneath the children’s pillow that are trying to brain wash them into accepting the values of state.

The children don’t have a understanding of what is happening, they are taught to memorize it but never will understand it. Everyone’s thoughts, feelings and opinions are taken away. Everyone with this type of teaching is in theory the same person with same thoughts and feelings, there s no uniqueness to teach individual.

in this book all this conditioning and manipulation that they do to these; what the book calls “humans” makes them actually seem very inhuman. Being human means to have all of these objective qualities, Mass, charge, weight, life, grow, reproduce, take food, active, feeling, pain, sense danger, communicate, affection, adaptability, understanding, conscience, love. The “humans” in this book don’t have the ability to feel anything besides what they are suppose feel. Huxley predicted that our world in the future would be just like how it is described in the book but in fact it is completely opposite. our world now has so many different genders, personalities, and nationalities. Each person is unique, and has their own personalities.

Brave new world also describes the “humans” as unable to reproduce. an objective quality of humans is to reproduce. IN BNW the children are trained to play games like centrifugal bumble puppy, which is a game that is based of of having sex. so why should they be allowed and encouraged to have erotic play but not be allowed or discouraged to have children or reproduce. People have sex casually all the time in this book and think its okay, but there is one character who thinks it should be with someone you love. John viewed love in a romantic way and sex only happened after marriage, he didn’t or wasn’t into casual sex.

In my  opinion our world is so much better then Huxley’s world. our world encourages freedom and not conditioning, love not just sex, reproduction not just pleasure, opinions not to study how you should think. I think our world is so cool how we can all choose how we want to act or who we want to be. freedom of choice is amazing and should be encouraged.

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