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Indeed, this is our boast, the testimony of our conscience: we have behaved in the world with frankness and godly sincerity, not by earthly wisdom but by the grace of God—and all the more towards you. For we write to you nothing other than what you can read and also understand; I hope you will understand until the end— as you have already understood us in part—that on the day of the Lord Jesus we are your boast even as you are our boast.

we are proud of god this reading is saying and he is proud of us. boasting is somone talking with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about one’s achievements, possessions, or abilities. It is telling us that boasting is something that lord does and that we do back. Every one has boasted in their life about something they are proud of.

Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. this relates to this reading because, when you are conscious about something you can be proud. talking about your life and achievements is something that puts you in a conscious place.

when i read this it made e think of people who boast a lot. people who do this can sometimes get super annoying, people who talk only about them ad their achievements can get out of control to a point that that is the only thing they talk about.

I am proud of god and we should boast about him, he is somthing that we should talk about. He loves us like how we love him, maybe up there he boasts about us. He is full of love for each one of us.

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BNW final response

“Man can be scientifically manipulated”.

In Brave New World humans are mass produced in factories. This process is called Bokanovsky process. It is described in the book as, where the embryo is cloned and split into 96 identical copies. The embryos then get split into five castes and then minus and plus, the groups are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon.  They scientifically modify everyone and control exactly who they make based on what they are looking for.

Aldous Huxley suggests psychological manipulation will become more popular in the future. So in brave new world we talk about conditioning, everyone is almost hypnotized to do something  certain way. One example how they do this is by introducing hypnopedia (sleep teaching). This is the process of putting voices underneath the children’s pillow that are trying to brain wash them into accepting the values of state.

The children don’t have a understanding of what is happening, they are taught to memorize it but never will understand it. Everyone’s thoughts, feelings and opinions are taken away. Everyone with this type of teaching is in theory the same person with same thoughts and feelings, there s no uniqueness to teach individual.

in this book all this conditioning and manipulation that they do to these; what the book calls “humans” makes them actually seem very inhuman. Being human means to have all of these objective qualities, Mass, charge, weight, life, grow, reproduce, take food, active, feeling, pain, sense danger, communicate, affection, adaptability, understanding, conscience, love. The “humans” in this book don’t have the ability to feel anything besides what they are suppose feel. Huxley predicted that our world in the future would be just like how it is described in the book but in fact it is completely opposite. our world now has so many different genders, personalities, and nationalities. Each person is unique, and has their own personalities.

Brave new world also describes the “humans” as unable to reproduce. an objective quality of humans is to reproduce. IN BNW the children are trained to play games like centrifugal bumble puppy, which is a game that is based of of having sex. so why should they be allowed and encouraged to have erotic play but not be allowed or discouraged to have children or reproduce. People have sex casually all the time in this book and think its okay, but there is one character who thinks it should be with someone you love. John viewed love in a romantic way and sex only happened after marriage, he didn’t or wasn’t into casual sex.

In my  opinion our world is so much better then Huxley’s world. our world encourages freedom and not conditioning, love not just sex, reproduction not just pleasure, opinions not to study how you should think. I think our world is so cool how we can all choose how we want to act or who we want to be. freedom of choice is amazing and should be encouraged.

Prospectors trail

Norman. Norman takes risk by being a prospector, he is clumsy, he has insomnia, and is married to Jennifer. Jennifer pushes him around. Their relationship is is not good and is going downhill because Jenifer is too controlling of Norman. The tent Jennifer and Norman sleep in is also falling apart.

Jennifer. Jennifer Holds Norman back from his dreams, she doesn’t like nature, where they are sleeping or anything about Norman. We focused on how she had a sharp eye for things but could also see the big picture, and that is a important trait. she is rude and makes ultimatums like how she will leave Norman if he wears jacket.

Roy. Roy likes the country cause its laid back, hes wise he says “the right ones stay” hes talking about their relationship. Doesn’t have to convince Elsie to stay, she sees the potential unlike Jennifer.

The people in this short story do seem like real people because the still get in arguments, they act how people would act int the woods and they gave specific traits. Yes their are stereotypes in this book. we talked about them the plaid jackets the authentic northern experience, and duct tape.

Roy’s plaid jacket represented leadership. Norman looked up to him when he wanted to follow him around when prospecting. Norman’s plaid jacket at the end represented freedom. He wore it to because it made him happy and eventually led for his break up with Jennifer, which made him more free and even happier.


Further Arrivals by Margaret Atwood is mainly about a immigrants coming to Canada and what they face while trying to enter Canada, they face assimilation, change, and difficulties within themselves. The poem talks about them leaving their old home and moving to Canada to start a new life. Before reading this poem we found out by reading other poems that Margaret Atwood puts violence and paranoia into her poems.

She talks about their struggles for example when  they entered here she ”entered a large darkness” which can be interpreted as depression. In the poem it aslo say show she “refuses to look in the mirror” what shes trying to say here is that by assimilation they couldn’t even see who the really were anymore. Margaret Atwood wrights about how relationships are, truly, with conflicts and all.

Death of a Young Son by Drowning is the other poem that caught my attention it relates to this other poem because they both talk about things that happened in there life, land and new places. In the death of a young son  by drowning we thought at first it was about abortion then as we explored it more we realized it was not.

The mom describes land as ”the land I floated on”. “Plunged into distant regions” is meaning how the son left the mother and into a new area kind of like how in the other story it was describing first nations also entering to a new home. . When the boy is dying the mother struggled to save him but couldn’t that why she used the line ”but could not claim to touch”.

These two story are both about very deep topics and hard things that people had to go through. They were both very interesting and a lot of emotions came up when reading these.


Macbeth: Fear

The definition of fear is having an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. There are many types of fear and and can rage from small to extreme. Phobia is a word used to describe a fear, some phobias are irrational and can be very extreme, such as dacrophobia, this phobia is the fear of making decisions, you think that if you make a decision it can cause horrible things to happen. more common phobias include claustrophobia or arachnophobia.

There are a few different ways to deal with fears, or phobias. Going to counselling, talking to a therapist, or sometimes trying to face those fears can help get rid of them or lower the fear level.  Avoiding it is not a good idea if you are trying to get rid of your fears because makes you more fearful and anxious about it. If you don’t face your fears it will turn into a bigger problem making it harder to resolve.

If you want to help a friend with a fear you need to be supportive and stay calm. Everyone has different fears and different ways to cope with them. As a friend you can ask them if they want to go see theripsit because they might be able to offer more help using things like exposure therapy, or talking it out. if they would like your help you can start to slowly introduce them into the fear. You can also talk about the fear can also help a lot. Never force it on a person it can make the fear worse.

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Fear can make you act out irrationally, it can cause anxiety attacks, can play with your mind and make you do things that you don’t want to. The feeling of fear can change your metabolic, organ functions, and behavior. Constantly having fear can cause relationships to change, being always scared and not doing things your friends would want to do can decrease the amount of time spent together which can decrease the level of friendship or relationship you have. It can cause eating disorders, if you are scared to make decisions, to not eat, to eat, or being scared of certain types of food can either increase your mount of consumption or decrease it which is not good.

I deal with my own fears by trying to face them, though sometimes it can be hard in the long run I know it will be beneficial to try to face them. I am terrified of the dentist, when we drive past the dentist I begin to cry even if were not going there.  When we go to the dentist my body tenses up, but I have gotten a lot better though I used to lock my self in the car and refuse to go in. facing fears is way better then hiding from them, Its scary when you fist try to face them but as you continually do it it can get better.

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Where hope grows

Having special needs is defined as needing particular educational requirements resulting from learning difficulties, physical disability, or emotional and behavioural difficulties. There are people with special needs all over this world, in the towns we live in, schools we go to or even places we live. Saying there are not people in my life with special needs would be wrong, because there is everywhere.

There is one certain special needs kid that I know, she doesn’t go to my school, but she is in the same town, she is very polite, kind, and considerate to others. When this person talks to me she is knowledgeable and gives good advice, since knowing this person my life has been somewhat changed. She shows me that no matter what is going on in your life there is always something that can make you smile. she has physical disabilities that can make her very hard to understand but the bits and pieces you do hear and understand are very kind and you can take some great advice from her. knowing how she is treated because she is different sometimes makes me really sad, because no one deserves that treatment. No one is perfect, so why does someone who looks or talks a little different get treated so much worse, then someone who is popular but a bully. I believe everyone should be treated equally by others, and that you should treat others they way you wish to be treated.

In my school there is many kids who have some sort of “special needs”, or kids in the past years who have as well. Varying from kids who cannot fully control their behaviour, to kids who have physical disabilities, and all the different levels in between. Our school supports these kids and welcomes them into our building, our teachers help them with what they need as well our school provides them with a aid to assist them through out the day. As for our students, I would like to say we have a pretty great school with lots of amazing kids, however there still are those kids who treat kids with special needs poorly because of their looks or way the talk, which is very disheartening.

There are several people in our  community who you will see walking down the street, at community events, or just doing daily life things. They are always very friendly and will usually carry on a bit of a conversation with you. For example jimmy is a man with a certain type of special needs, you will see him at every town event, wandering the streets with his dog, and with his friends from the lions club. He is always super friendly and will talk your ear off about whats been going on with his life and his dog. our community is super inclusive to these people and will welcome them into anything that they would like to do.

Our world is also very inclusive with people with special needs. In small towns everyone knows who they are and welcomes them in. In larger cities there is places and groups where these people can go and talk, play games and hang out with their friends or other members of these groups. we all feel to a certain extent to include these people and think of ways we can. although not all people view them as equal I believe we can get there in the future and everyone can be more socially inclusive toward these people.

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Faith Like Potatoes: Jeremiah 29:11

Considering Angus in the start of the movie to the end he changed quite a lot. At the beginning of the movie Angus acted like he needed no help, nor wanted anyone to help him. He acted out and got angry very quickly over the little things. When a man cut him off driving Angus got very mad and he hit the guy. by the end of the movie Angus’s attitude had changed, he had learned how to control himself a lot better.  He realised he did need help in order to be successful. Angus let more people into his life and he looked for help from God.

The first question from God to Angus was, are you prepared to be a fool for me? This to me means God is asking Angus if he is prepared to go out of  his comfort zone in order to have God help him. God is asking Angus if he is prepared to do things God asks of him even if it means Angus could feel different or unsure about it. God will not hurt Angus, but Angus needs to have trust in him that God will not make him do things that could hurt him.

Are you prepared for people to persecute you because of my name? this was the second question god had asked Angus. God is asking if Angus is prepared to follow him and tell people that he is a follower of him. In doing so, following God, it will bring God closer to Angus. When God becomes closer to us he helps us with what we need.

The final question God asked Angus are you willing to spend less time with your family? This meant if he wanted Gods help God would need to be put before others, even the ones who are closest to him. Angus would have to take time away from his family and work in order to pray and speak to God.


At the beginning of high school my plans were quite different then how they are now, at first I thought I knew what i wanted to do. I wanted to stay close to home and I wanted to be a nurse. Now as i’m getting closer to the end of school I want to move far from here and go on a adventure to a new place, I want to go into the heath industry but not sure what career in heath.  If God were to ask of me the same three questions I am not sure how I would respond, I would continue to pray to god and try to be close with him. I would not necessarily care how others thought of me going to church i would be proud of it. Taking time away from my family in order to come closer with god would be okay and I would be proud of it.

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Psalm 100

This psalm talks about how god is always with us. God will always be with us when we have faith, we can talk to god anytime during the day and he will be here to listen to us.this relates to the movie because many times angus will pray to god and god will always be there to listen.

It also talks about how god is our creator. God created us for a reason. We all have a purpose on this planet and something that god wants us to do. Before Angus planted the potatoes he prayed to god, and listened to what god had to say. All the other men in the movie told him that it wasn’t a good idea but god told him to plant and he was very successful.

This psalm also shows us how god can control us. God leads us to the right path in life. He can control us by us having trust in him. If we have trust in god he leads us to do what is best. When angus trusted in god he prayed and when he pulled out his first potato it was huge and a amazing success. He put his trust in god and god helped him.

This psalm to me means if I put my faith and trust in god he will lead me down the right path in life. he will always be here for me when I need him. prayer is a way that I can become closer with God. We can  become successful with the help of God, we just need to put our trust in him.

Many religious groups trust in this psalm the believe that by following this he will help them. They believe going to church and being in a place when they can truly connect to god can make them relate and be closer to god.

After chapter 3 writing assignment

Bernard Marx is a shy, humble, sweet, likes to be alone… alpha plus. Bernard is quite different the the others taking place in brave new world, he does not enjoy casual sex or soma which makes him stand out. Bernard works in the Psychology Bureau. He is looked as a outsider and found weird because he does not choose to participate in the casual sex, besides this difference Bernard does have one thing in common with the others, he very much dislikes having to deal with the lower castes.

Bernard and Lenina are two completely different people, so it is quite odd that they have a relationship. Bernard is shy and enjoys taking in the little things where as Lenina is always looking for ways to get involved in something. Bernard shyness tends to make him not want to have sexual relationships where as Lenina is always wanting to have sex.

A huge topic we can really focus in on is consumption. Consumption is the using up of a resource. In Brave New World the games are a way that they can get children to increase tier consumption, a game that they play is  Centrifugal Bumble Puppy. In brave new world some of them are conditioned to think that the more they consume the more successful and the more in power they will be.

I personally would not want to live in a world state. A world state is a place where everything is controlled, there is one government that controls everything.  The motto of the World State is “Community, Identity, Stability”. this type of world as almost no freedom, they do what they are told and they are conditioned from the time they are babies all the way till they die. to me family is a very important aspect of my life and not being able to have that would be very disheartening.

There is quite the amount of vocabulary in this book that can be hard to understand at some moments, but by researching the words I can get a deeper, fuller understanding of what they mean. A caste is the groups you are split up into when you are born based on your level of smartness, the higher the caste the more opportunities you have.   Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon are the names of the castes in brave new world, They’re the first five letters on the Greek alphabet. Each of these castes wore different colors and have different roles. Hypnopedia is sleep teaching. Soma is a drug used kind of like alcohol. Centrifugal Bumblepuppy. A game in which children fling a ball onto a platform. The ball then rolls down the interior and lands on a rotating disk that flings the ball in a random direction, at which point the ball must be caught. Bokanovsky’s Process is a fictional process of human cloning. Consumption the people within the WorldState constantly consume because of the conditioning they received while they were young. Conditioning was caste-based, designed to teach basic behavior suitable for an entire caste. Malthusian belt is an important accessory worn by women and girls. pregnancy substitute is a set of injections and pills that women are given to simulate the effects of being pregnant. Decanting Room is where the embryos are to be poured out, into the daylight. utopia perfect world. dystopia horrible, unplesent world.

Q/A Chapters 8-10

  1. Has Linda adjusted to savage life?

Linda hasn’t adjusted to the savages way of life because of her conditioning. On the savage reservation Lenina gets judged and whipped for sleeping with more than one guy because they can only or should only have one guy

  1. Why does Bernard have a different reaction to the savages?

Because he is more open minded and doesn’t judge them for their appearance, he likes how they can do what they want and they are free.

  1. What is the significance of mescal?

Mescal is alcohol it is still a type of drug that makes you feel happy it is just in a different form, and it can give you hangovers. they use mescal instead of soma.

  1. What are the reactions of the savages to Linda?

linda doesnt like being on the reservation.

  1. What does John mean to Linda?

linda is johns mother.

  1. What is the significance of John finding the works of Shakespeare?

no one else on the reservation knows about shakspear besides him, they cant read.

  1. What is John’s reaction to Lenina?

Thinks she is beautiful , the most beautiful girl hes ever seen. but then he finds out she just wants sex and he calls her a whore.