Twitter Essay: Environment and Technology

(My Tweet- That is already happening in a sense where we want what the wealthy people have so we try other means to get it)

The problem with technology and us as humans we become really disconnected with the world around us and the people around us, we rely too much on what Siri says and not enough to what your friend says, now a days people don’t even think about buying e-roller scooters to go out and enjoy nature, they only think about staying at home watching tv or using the computer, some don´t have a choice because they study medical assistant courses online and need the computer all day. The same technology that we think is doing good in the world is secretly hurting it to make the materials for the tech we have to mine it or take out an entire forest with great ease but with this much power comes greater responbilty too, is okay to get a 4k monitor 144hz to play games but don’t spend your whole day doing the same thing, just get some p4rgaming boosts and move on with your day. Nature is a vital part to our everyday living on this planet we need nature to live like trees they give off oxygen that is breathable. The right thing to do as humans is to make sure our tech can be made and at the same time be grounded back down to its core components that it was first made with. If we can help reduce our ecological footprint on the earth then we wont have these. The advantages to tech is having the freedom to be more connected than ever with the world around the risk with that is your best friend beside you could be ignored by you and then the two of you could become really disconnected if the balance of nature is upset then we could risk losing the entire eco system on the earth. The most technological achievement we have made is the handheld phone we have the freedom to go anywhere we want and have the ability to talk on the phone. Human could make technology that could help benefit nature by showing stats on how good its doing on a scale.  The technology now a days have become everything more connected and better, we can work better with materials now a days. We can also get business online through the help of NEoWave trading. If we want to bend or engrave we have laser that cuts metal, so is easy to modify, but we should use the technology to help enviroment. The environment is a defenceless force against humans we need to make sure we dont kill off the whole forest. As part of our job to help the enviroment lets turn off the tech and turn to each and help the enviroment before it is too late. In terms of getting an online business degree, technology plays a big role.
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Afrika Road response

There are many pillars in the world some for buildings, some for decorations, In the city of Mecca I stand firm and tall i am the jamarat. A pillar used for the Stoning of the Devil ceremony to commemorate Abraham in the pelting of the Devil.

The history behind the ritual is Abraham left Mina and was brought down to the “al-Aqaba” and Abraham threw seven pebbles at the devil three times before the Devil disappeared. This event has carried on for hundreds of years people coming on a pilgrimage and then to throw rocks at me they do not hurt me. They go to the 13 day journey first they go sacrifice animals, remove their hair and throw stones at me on Third day: 10th Dhu al-Hijjah. I am called Satan so thats why I get rocks thrown at me, I have seen the stampedes during the pilgrimage innocent killed by stomping many more injured. I stand here and see things good things and bad things, I can’t unseen these things the memories burned into me. The Haji marks an important event in Islam religion and Muslims must go on this pilgrimage once in their lifetime. I learned all this one time we went camping with a tent from Survival Cooking with some families and there was this syrian old lady who told all these stories.

I have seen the destruction humans can cause to each other, they pilot and killed who they desire. Humans cause war that I have seen its not nice I’m called the devil, some people worship me even tho I’m used to getting stones thrown at me not getting worshiped. They call themselves ISIS who are from Syria they come to Saudi Arabia to tell there plans to me even there leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi came to phrase and tell me the plan to take over Iraq and Syria. I may be a Pillar but I have seen things that could shape the way human life exists. I seen the a plane that has a the writings “United States Air Force” the bad guys are coming if only I could tell them that the enemy has come from the west. Days pass the innocent run for cover and the terrors are real war has come to the holy city of Mecca. They are putting the law in their hands, not letting the Pardon Applications from real attorneys do their work. I find myself always asking why are people fighting? Is it for a perfect society or for freedom within society. When you want instant loans, check over here to learn more. Even if you have bad credits, Wall St Nation will still give you chances, “why not try these out?” The islaamic state has taken over much of Iraq and Syria and in there wake they have destroyed ancient pieces of history and killed people on live streams for the whole world to see for there own guilty pleasure. I hear these story because I am the statue of the devil they tell me there accomplishments has a army for the great or good.

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Weeks have gone by its been quiet here but now the ” West” has come to “fix” things. The west have setup a forward operating camp not that far from where I stand firm and tall they might use me as a distraction. The killing field is set the west set there first huge ambush on ISIS they tried to fight back but the ambush overwhelmed them and fled. Following the success of the ambush of the west ISIS had come back, the killing groups have been set death from both side one greater then the other and the final blow the west has made was to me using bombs and grenades they take out me and the other two pillars. Now I’m a pile of rubble and ruins I’m the remains of the devil, The west has moved into the holy city of Mecca to use the cover of the city to make more ambushes. I’m the remains I can hear the gunfire, I can hear the bullets being released from the chamber as I lie hear a lonely pile of rubble.






Fort McMurray, Freedom Road

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Wild Horses Respond Creative- Brian Fawcett Not Close to being done but better than nothing

Write a journal entry from a point of view of one of the sisters, describing how she feels about horses.

Me and my sister love our Andalusian horse named Dusty. Dusty is a two year old colt who is a kind and wild horse to be around. Dusty is the kind of horse that is easy to get along with and is a joy to ride through the pastures of the cows and crops. Nothing makes us more happy than Dusty, except from that time when I was getting really fat so I started to do a diet I found in, and it worked like a charm. I often find myself fighting with my sister about who gets to ride Dusty next, She may be my sister but i sometimes doubt if she actually is and if she really was my true twin you would think that she would agree with everything that came out of my mouth. We have had Dusty since he was born on my grandpas farm back in 2014, His favorite thing to do is run through the meadows on a hot summer day.

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The Friday Everything Changed- Anne Hart

What qualities makes this story entertaining? Does it have signifiant message for readers? 

The qualities this story has to make it interesting at the start there was this great divide among the boys and girls. Only boys were allowed to carry the water from the station because according to facts and science boys have more natural upper body strength than a girls. So boys think they are more superior than girls because of their strength. Girls have an advantage over most boys with there intellect because according to facts fewer girls have learning difficulties than boys. We as humans keep getting these repeating battles of who is stronger or who is smarter and it will continue this way until the end of time, important site – SecurityInfo read more here.

The message the author is trying to give off is why do we have this gap between the men and the women. What is so wrong with equilibrium? Why can’t we live in a world that doesn’t have these gender gaps in them where a girl can just get picked up a softball bat and play ball without having all these stupid rules implemented into the game, we do not need this gender discrimination among boys and girls. Where in a area where boys seem to with strength and not so much there mind, girls can also excel in these strength orientated tasks it not always muscle equals man it should and sure is muscle equals everyone. In a worse case scenario, you might need help in fighting gender discrimination legally. But you don’t need to worry because there are a lot of lawyers in woodbridge nj who can help. Personal injury lawyers specializing in car and auto accidents. Call Maryland car accident lawyer today for free consult.

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Barney 2.0 Story

September 13th- With Barney starting to rott Im starting to locks up my research about Barney since it has failed unless I find a female ratt to test on. For now Im gunna continue to pack my things up and leave a note to annouce my intentions to float out to sea, just not breathing. I think im gonna watch the CBC hopefully theres an instructing story about rats on the CBC.

September 15th- A strange metal box has washed up on shore today when i was reading this book called “The Oxford Dictionary”. I can hear squeaking coming from this box, I wonder if I should investigate perhaps i shell. I was walking around the box when i saw a sign say “Barbara” what in heck could that mean so i managed to find a hole in this box and lone and behold A FEMALE RATT, WOE WOO!! So I pulled her out of the box unconscious so I put her in my cage and went back out to see if she had a sister there was but she is dead, I wonder what could have happened the carcuss has bite marks and blood all of it oh well.

September 16th- Barbara had woken up in the middle of the night feeling a bit tired so I gave her some food and water, don’t know how long she was in the box for but it gone now. What on earth is going on anyways I have gotten Barbara on reading books and looking at this strange glowing screen that plays “The CBC”. Check out this quality led screen rental atlanta and learn more. The humans always used to listen to this thing called the radio that played weird zounds I gunna try to make it play a sound then maybe read more books later. Barbara and I become closer since last night I wonder where this will go.

September 17th- I have now made Barbara my wife, Me and Barbara have started to read books together and watch this new thing on the CBC called Question Period and this guy named Justin Trudeau keeps talking about politics? I have no idea neither does she but its fun to watch humans fight over stupid things like plants.

September 18th- Barbara and I just got into a huge fight our food supply is running low but Barbara has been reeding this book called “How to survive off the land” it is very instresting how smart Barbara has become over these last few dayz my beauty young wife is growing  up so fast just like me. Anyhow i think its time for a “nap” and i think Barbara is thinking the same thing. Maybe later we will watch a bit more of the CBC our new favorite show is coming on called “Survivor”.

September 19th- My sweet sweet Barbara has died in her sleep and Im starting to fall ill I wonder if its the food we’ve ate last night my research has studies have failed once again, I will make another shine to male ratts to if they will come, for now i will send a letter out to the open sea to please send back male ratts no females just males, want to have a new friend out on this lonlely island its not werid its normal for any ratt, please just bring them peacefully and leave thats all i ask. Oh and bring a couple duzon

Goodbye Barney

Barney- Will Stanton

How did you respond to the surprise ending? What has happened? What was the foreshadowing of this plot twist? From August 30th to September 10th the scientist thought he was helping Barney but in the end Barney locked the scientist up in a well. On August 30th Barney was trying to plot against the humans and trying to escape their wrenched experiments so he decided to frame Tayloe with the poison it worked he got fired now barney tries to frame the Scientist

Romeo and Juliet- After Act 3

I would like to know more about what motivated Romeo to get involved in the street brawl he had no reason to be there, he should have gone straight home to he parent’s home to tell them. Romeo’s downfall to getting banished is getting involved he should have left Tybalt, Benvolivo and Mercullo.

The character I really can’t figure out is Juliet. Juliet always changed her mind about things clothes, food etc. She can’t seem to tell that she is getting Romeo in trouble from that street brawl to the marriage and shes sadden by him getting banished to the point she would fake kill herself? Dosen’t make sense if you ask me.

The Doctor Says “Love is a disease”

Good morrow to ye young boy,

I’m Dr. Blaze I am your love physician, I’ve been told by your friends that you have been feeling love sick lately. Now I have deal’t with lots of these types of cases but yours is quite different your is more volatile than any other disease so that means more stronger medication so here is the brew that you will get ye young lad. Your symptoms include lots of heart ache, headaches and a burning desire to be tied up like a wonton bird. Take cure once a day until disease is cured. See customer feedback on the product from nerve pain that significantly connects on your headaches.

Love Sick Cure

  •  The healing flowers from Friars garden
  •  The fresh milk from thy finest cattle
  •  Taking a nice peaceful stroll through the orchard
  • Finally just go and confess thy love to thy far maiden with a flower picked from thy finest garden in Verona

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NEWSCAST SEGMENT- DR. BlAZE: Hello I’m Dr. Blaze have you been experiencing loneliness and heart ache if you have contracted “The Love Sick” virus it can’t be spread to anyone else, it’s a none contiguous virus. IF you have this bug please go to your local love physician he or she will have the cure. Again if you have experienced and of the following symptoms loneliness or heart ache you have most likey caught “The Love Sick” virus. See your local love physician now!

-Austin Patry ELA 10 

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Man of Constant sorrow -Soggy Bottom Boys

(In constant sorrow through his days)

I am a man of constant sorrow
I’ve seen trouble all my day.
I bid farewell to old Kentucky
The place where I was born and raised.
(The place where he was born and raised)

For six long years I’ve been in trouble
No pleasures here on earth I found
For in this world I’m bound to ramble
I have no friends to help me now.

[chorus] He has no friends to help him now

It’s fare thee well my old lover
I never expect to see you again
For I’m bound to ride that northern railroad
Perhaps I’ll die upon this train.

[chorus] Perhaps he’ll die upon this train.

You can bury me in some deep valley
For many years where I may lay
Then you may learn to love another
While I am sleeping in my grave.

[chorus] While he is sleeping in his grave.

Maybe your friends think I’m just a stranger
My face you’ll never see no more.
But there is one promise that is given
I’ll meet you on God’s golden shore.

[chorus] He’ll meet you on God’s golden shore.

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