My top subject area is physical education which I got 100% in. This means that I should find courses that will help me to understand, and appreciate a healthy lifestyle.  Things that I enjoy would include: sports, or health sciences. Physical education has been my favorite subject, since grade 1, and it shows that it is something I would like to expand on in my future. My second and third subjects, were Science and Language Arts both having 78%. For Science, I could take courses such as biology, chemistry, and physics to develop my understanding of scientific concepts, which are courses that I believe are interesting. I also like Language Arts because I adore reading and writing, and would like to explore further into literature in the future.

Based on my top subjects, a  good career for me would be in Health Science. Which is the science of dealing with human and animal health. Involving studying and researching health related topics. Job options that my survey told me, included an amblulance driver, a biologist, a chiropractor, a dietitian,  an exercise physiologist, an immunologist, a neurologist, an occupational therapist, a pediatrician, a doctor,  a personal trainer, and a sports medicine doctor. Talking something that involves sport medicine has always in interested me and I hope to do that in the future.

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