My Hobbies

Everyone has hobbies that they enjoy doing. For instance my hobbies include playing volleyball, baking, and painting.

Volleyball is my favorite hobby. I love the game and the rush it gives me when I play. Volleyball connects to my motivations: relationships and achievements. While playing on a team you create friendships with your teammates. Volleyball also brings  me and my older closer together cause its something we have in common. Volleyball  relates to achievements because of the accomplishments you can attain. For example I was one of the few athletes invited to tryout for Team Alberta this summer.

Baking is another one of my hobbies. I love creating things for other people to enjoy. I also like how it tests my knowledge, patience and precision.   Baking relates to my relationships because it allows me and my sisters to spend more quality time together. No matter what you make and how it turns out baking creates, memories that you’ll never forget. (If its a fail, then no one will ever let you forget.)

My last hobby is drawing and painting. Art lets me express myself through colors and shapes. It lets me show how I’m feeling without saying how I feel. Drawing is nice because its time by myself that I can take a break from others, and away from social media. I find it very stress relieving and therapeutic. Art relates to my motivation,  achievements, because it allows me to be satisfied with myself on what I have created.

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