Leaving home

Getting prepared to leave home has brought some things to my attention.  I have realized that not only am I very excited to leave home and begin my future but I am also scared to be on my own. Being on my own will give me the opportunity to have more freedom and do what I want. I’ll be able to make decisions on my own. I’m excited to do fewer chores because I’ll only have to clean up after myself however, I’m not excited to have to cook every day for myself. I’m excited to leave this small town with highschool drama and meet many new people and new friends with the same interests as me. Although I’m excited to be on my own, I’m also very nervous about what that involves. I’m going to have to manage my time and make sure I do all my assignments to my best ability. I will also have to manage my money on rent, grocery, gas, and other expenses. Moving away I will also miss my friends and family. It will be tough to be on my own, especially if I don’t know anyone there. I’m also scared that if I live in dorms my roommate will be someone awful and we won’t get along because then that wouldn’t be fun at all. Not only that I’m scared that I won’t make any friends. The course load is also going to be overwhelming and I’m nervous that I won’t do good. My biggest concern with going to university is I’m scared that I’ll choose the wrong profession and ill end up wasting a year of time and money on something I don’t want to become. Overall moving out brings many new opportunities and I’m nervous and excited about what the future holds.

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