“How to Get Real Friends.”

Humans aren’t made to be alone. They are made to have relationships with those around them. Most people have many acquaintances, but how do we get real and true friends? Relationships require two things, availability, and vulnerability. You need to show your friends and family that you will be them for them and that they are a priority to you. You can’t just be there for them on your terms, but constantly. For example, If your friend needs someone to talk to but you don’t want to deal with them because you have something “better to do”, then you aren’t being a true friend. Although availability isn’t the only thing that makes your relationship real. You need to be completely honest with your friends and show parts of yourself that you may be scared of showing. Although you may be scared to reveal some parts of yourself, once you do your friendship will become much stronger. However, trust needs to be earned before you show your vulnerability with others. With this being said, how many real relationships do we have? Personally, I only have a few very close relationships with those that I trust and are very comfortable with. Those few close relationships are much more valuable to me than, many friendships with people I’m not very close with.

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