Do All Good People go to Heaven?

Will many be saved? Is it crowded in hell? Those are both questions that we must ask ourselves when we examine if all good people go to heaven. In the video, Father Mike says, “Wide is the road that leads to destruction, narrow to the gate of eternal life.” This means that it is a lot easier to get on the road to hell than it is to go to heaven. We have the freedom to choose, which means we can not only choose good but also choose evil. We can choose the truth and be good but there are many more choices than we can make that aren’t the “right choices.” As you get older and make the right choices your conscience will develop more and more. As your conscience grows you have the capability to choose God’s will. We must strive for good, and choose God. For example, if you are invited to a wedding but you do not make the choices to go, you are not going to end up there. God has invited everyone to heaven, and now all we have to do is make the choices to get there. It doesn’t matter if you are catholic or not it matters most what you choose to do with your life, and what path you walk on. 


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