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Commandments of the Church

I did not know that in addition to the 10 commandments that there are an additional 5. I understand that the current commandments are good at keeping us on track and will help us do events for the Catholic church. We also do it for god, but it does apply rules for what we should not do to our neighbors, our family, or even others. This means we should not hurt others and not even ourselves, but other than that we got to pay tithes to keep the churches in business so we can do the events such as fasting. The current commandments are important to the church because they are rules spoken by God to oblige and not to ignore them all. I understand that the commandments are there to keep people on the path God wants them to be on so they don’t do bad things to their family or others. Them doing stuff as stealing or covet their neighbor’s wife this is what God does not permit. This is what I understand about the commandments.

Holy Days of Obligation (bonus) only two holy days of obligation sometimes do not fall on a Sunday. What days are these?

  • Christmas
  • The Solemnity Of The Mother Of God (on January 1st)


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