Brain Bone

Who am I

                                                                                                               by Arturious Shomachuk

Who I am                    


Everyone is unique and special in their own way, but this essay I will be talking about myself. What’s unique about me how I treat others and even about my personality. Myself I enjoy a lot of activities unless it’s boring work with no others around to talk to, I mean like a work partner. I am very fond of playing with others and that’s usually how I enjoy work, who wouldn’t. This will be about my personality and what I like.


What makes me unique, my attributes, how I will react in certain interactions or situations, and I like to play games too. What really makes people unique is how they grew up what it was like for them growing up, what they learned it affects how everyone will be and this makes me unique too. How I know this makes me unique because no one will act the same as me unless they see me act, they cannot think the same way as me all the time either. My personality, in my opinion, is great because I’m always cheerful I can’t stay mad at my friends either because of this and honestly I don’t hate my personality I like it.


Everyone has something that inspires them, maybe it’s a basketball player or so. To me what inspires me is others when I play soccer my team inspires me to get it past the attackers and to my teammates or even seeing others play hard is enough. Do I like myself though sometimes everyone will think I wanna be that person, but you always come back to that you would not wanna be someone else. In my free time I like to play a sport I am particularly fond of and that is soccer, another thing I like to do in my free time is play games with friends or alone. This is usually all the time when soccer comes around I do soccer but in the meantime I go play on the computer or consoles when soccer is not out to play.


Me, myself treat people usually the same as how I treat everyone else. Unless it’s someone that I don’t like but other than that I treat them relatively the same. Doubts that myself have are that sometimes I don’t know if I’ll be able to hand some work in, or can’t keep up to another persons stamina. These are my usual doubts I have maybe even some when it comes to gaming like I don’t think I can beat this script kiddie. My fears are relatively normal but what I fear is getting stuck in the middle of the ocean, spiders, needles, or even getting mauled to death by a bear or any animal. Anything killing me is going to scare me because who wouldn’t.


This says a lot about me, what inspires me, what’s unique about me. These are who I am and it shows what kind of personality I have. I only open up in one sport and that is soccer, it’s not that I only like that sport. I myself like basketball, volleyball, or even football but I am not as committed to those as much as I like soccer. All of these facts about my personality really define who I am as a person.

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