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Favorite hobbies

Manga is a hobby of mine that I really enjoy reading. It’s basically books but from japan and are put into a comic book like format. Depending on the story it will either be interesting to me or boring. Depending on my interests at the time it will make me choose a manga of that genre. I could read normal books but I am not good with imagining things in my mind so I use it as a helper to help me realize what’s going on. There are also Light novels that are usually based on a book except it’s based on the manga and just tells out the plan of the story. Since manga takes time to make the light novels finish first. I get connections between the characters in manga and am interested to see what kind of person they are and see if they are similar to me in anyway. I could also be emotional when they kill one of the good characters that I like


I really enjoy soccer with the competition, teamwork, and the bragging rights when you win a game. It is very enjoyable when me and my team win intense soccer games where scores are close and everyones on edge. Soccer is my favorite sport and I will always enjoy watching it or in the game itself. This relates to both relationship and support. The relationship buildup with my teammates is usually strong. We would stand up for each other, support each other. The relationships we gain strengthens us in the soccer games.


Gaming is most enjoyable. All these hobbies rival each other and I can not pick one better one but gaming is still an important hobby to me, competitive or just for fun. There are a ton of things you can do since there are many games out there to choose from. I mostly enjoy ones that involve other people multiplayer games where me and my friends can play, strengthening our friendship while also having lots of fun. I can support my friends by teaching them basics of new games we play or them helping me. We will support each other.

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