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Leaving Home

College is frightening and hard if you leave home. University is much worse due to the load of things that they stack upon you while also adjusting to the life of living without your parents. Academically we know it will be harder but we don’t know if it’s too hard for us. Studying might be effective but maybe it’s different from other studying and you don’t know how to overcome the subject. What if you can’t get used to the problems you have to solve in the subject even with the answer. You would have to ask questions to the teacher to get the answer.

Following a budget is going to be really difficult and also making money since you would have no experience living on your own until you need to leave. Then you would have to learn on the spot. You also might get sick of eating the same food over and over again since you are on a budget. Meaning you can only buy soup or something that is easy to make and is cheap. You also have to keep an eye on how much cash you have what you need for next week and stuff like that. It’s really nerve racking because things could fall like a stack of cards by just a slight mistake. Everything matters when you are on your own and you will need to learn how to solve this problem which makes it scary cause you’ll be mostly on your own.

The thought of going into a dorm is nerve racking with other people and who knows if they will like you or if you will like them they could be so very annoying. Meeting new people is very hard for some to do especially if they are the party type. If you have to live with those guys or gals, good luck because it will be insanely annoying. I fear It could be distracting for me when I can’t do my things. Or if they are the obnoxiously annoying type that barge in and annoy you because they are bored. Getting used to living with people you don’t know and their habits is very difficult especially if they do one of your pet peeves. Meeting new people to live with is difficult and I hope it’s not as bad as I think It will be.

Sleeping will be a hard one if you are like me who has a difficult time sleeping since I tend to stay awake while trying to sleep. Sleeping can have effects on the brain, with less sleep it will function more sloppy like. This means you can still continue thinking but you will be tired and lack effect because you would want to sleep more. When your sleep schedule is screwed up it will be hard to get back on track, this is why I already am terrible at getting comfortable and going to sleep so this may be a problem.

Though I am excited to leave away from my parents just to see how awesome it would be for me to make decisions in a house. Even though there probably are other people there with me.Living away from parents means more privacy, but also means I have to decide bigger things. Living on your own you can decide your own meals and when or what you wanna do through the day. It really isn’t that great though since having a family around is good and fun.

Leaving home will be very interesting and scary, but you can’t stay with your parents forever. Leaving home will not be nice because you do not know what to do your first ever time being alone, away from your family. You would have to do it eventually though since leaving your parents home is natural. Games and manga will end up being my coping mechanism to get the boredom and nervousness out will be them.

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