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The Real Answer To Why God Allows Suffering

God allows suffering. Due to us having our own will, even if he doesn’t want us to suffer. He never promised us that we would never suffer, he only promised us our own life. Meaning he has no obligation to stop suffering. It doesn’t mean he has abandoned us, it just means he can’t interfere with it. Him doing that would make it not our own choice. This would make it pointless if he gave us our own will just to keep us safe from everything dangerous and we would become too reliant on him. We have a right to have our own choices and stop the suffering we have. We must get rid of it ourselves.


If God were allowed to stop suffering, what would be the point of giving us a conscience? There would be little point since we wouldn’t have any hardships to face. This just means that we are supposed to overcome the suffering we are exposed to. This doesn’t mean it isn’t painful, but we have to overcome this and continue onward. Taking away the hardships in our life would give no meaning to this life since we are in a world of both happiness and sorrow. This is the reason why God allows suffering, not to say that he likes seeing us suffer either.

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