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Do All Good People Go To Heaven

Do all good people go to heaven? If you do good all day for the rest of your life, do you end up going down instead of up to heaven? This would mostly depend on how you view god in your own conscience. Most likely good people go to heaven. I mean heaven is supposed to be your reward for believing in God or doing good in your life. You have to choose yourself which one you want to go into, choice comes from freedom and God gifted us freedom so we have the right to choose if we go to heaven or the other option. “The easiest path is the narrow path” This means being good is the narrow path because the narrow road leads to eternal life. I agree with all good people going to heaven, the chance was this life to be judged as a good person or a bad person. A person that chose God or turned away from God. This is the choice everyone has to make.

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