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How To Make Real Friends

Humans were made as a social species, so we humans cannot be alone. We need people beside us if we want to live happy and longer. Humans were made for community and we are made for friendships. Everyone wants and needs friendship in their lives, we were designed this way in the image of God. What is True friendship? True friendship requires “availability and vulnerability”. True Friendship happens when these two things are at least in place; this is basically trust in one another. Trust that the person your friends with won’t take advantage of you and make it a false friendship. Availability means you make time for that person, the enemy of friendship is the time of work taking up most of your time. Vulnerability is showing that person what’s in your heart, meaning you trust them that they won’t hurt your heart. Vulnerability is risky because it’s like they are in your house moving things around and are able to hurt you inside your heart, which is why it’s risky. You need it though to have a true friendship. I agree this is a way of how to make real friends and have a true friendship where both are open to each other. Trust is the most important part of friendship

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