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How To Make Real Friends

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020

Humans were made as a social species, so we humans cannot be alone. We need people beside us if we want to live happy and longer. Humans were made for community and we are made for friendships. Everyone wants and needs friendship in their lives, we were designed this way in the image of God. What is True friendship? True friendship requires “availability and vulnerability”. True Friendship happens when these two things are at least in place; this is basically trust in one another. Trust that the person your friends with won’t take advantage of you and make it a false friendship. Availability means you make time for that person, the enemy of friendship is the time of work taking up most of your time. Vulnerability is showing that person what’s in your heart, meaning you trust them that they won’t hurt your heart. Vulnerability is risky because it’s like they are in your house moving things around and are able to hurt you inside your heart, which is why it’s risky. You need it though to have a true friendship. I agree this is a way of how to make real friends and have a true friendship where both are open to each other. Trust is the most important part of friendship

Do All Good People Go To Heaven

Monday, November 2nd, 2020

Do all good people go to heaven? If you do good all day for the rest of your life, do you end up going down instead of up to heaven? This would mostly depend on how you view god in your own conscience. Most likely good people go to heaven. I mean heaven is supposed to be your reward for believing in God or doing good in your life. You have to choose yourself which one you want to go into, choice comes from freedom and God gifted us freedom so we have the right to choose if we go to heaven or the other option. “The easiest path is the narrow path” This means being good is the narrow path because the narrow road leads to eternal life. I agree with all good people going to heaven, the chance was this life to be judged as a good person or a bad person. A person that chose God or turned away from God. This is the choice everyone has to make.

The Real Answer To Why God Allows Suffering

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

God allows suffering. Due to us having our own will, even if he doesn’t want us to suffer. He never promised us that we would never suffer, he only promised us our own life. Meaning he has no obligation to stop suffering. It doesn’t mean he has abandoned us, it just means he can’t interfere with it. Him doing that would make it not our own choice. This would make it pointless if he gave us our own will just to keep us safe from everything dangerous and we would become too reliant on him. We have a right to have our own choices and stop the suffering we have. We must get rid of it ourselves.


If God were allowed to stop suffering, what would be the point of giving us a conscience? There would be little point since we wouldn’t have any hardships to face. This just means that we are supposed to overcome the suffering we are exposed to. This doesn’t mean it isn’t painful, but we have to overcome this and continue onward. Taking away the hardships in our life would give no meaning to this life since we are in a world of both happiness and sorrow. This is the reason why God allows suffering, not to say that he likes seeing us suffer either.

Leaving Home

Thursday, October 1st, 2020

College is frightening and hard if you leave home. University is much worse due to the load of things that they stack upon you while also adjusting to the life of living without your parents. Academically we know it will be harder but we don’t know if it’s too hard for us. Studying might be effective but maybe it’s different from other studying and you don’t know how to overcome the subject. What if you can’t get used to the problems you have to solve in the subject even with the answer. You would have to ask questions to the teacher to get the answer.

Following a budget is going to be really difficult and also making money since you would have no experience living on your own until you need to leave. Then you would have to learn on the spot. You also might get sick of eating the same food over and over again since you are on a budget. Meaning you can only buy soup or something that is easy to make and is cheap. You also have to keep an eye on how much cash you have what you need for next week and stuff like that. It’s really nerve racking because things could fall like a stack of cards by just a slight mistake. Everything matters when you are on your own and you will need to learn how to solve this problem which makes it scary cause you’ll be mostly on your own.

The thought of going into a dorm is nerve racking with other people and who knows if they will like you or if you will like them they could be so very annoying. Meeting new people is very hard for some to do especially if they are the party type. If you have to live with those guys or gals, good luck because it will be insanely annoying. I fear It could be distracting for me when I can’t do my things. Or if they are the obnoxiously annoying type that barge in and annoy you because they are bored. Getting used to living with people you don’t know and their habits is very difficult especially if they do one of your pet peeves. Meeting new people to live with is difficult and I hope it’s not as bad as I think It will be.

Sleeping will be a hard one if you are like me who has a difficult time sleeping since I tend to stay awake while trying to sleep. Sleeping can have effects on the brain, with less sleep it will function more sloppy like. This means you can still continue thinking but you will be tired and lack effect because you would want to sleep more. When your sleep schedule is screwed up it will be hard to get back on track, this is why I already am terrible at getting comfortable and going to sleep so this may be a problem.

Though I am excited to leave away from my parents just to see how awesome it would be for me to make decisions in a house. Even though there probably are other people there with me.Living away from parents means more privacy, but also means I have to decide bigger things. Living on your own you can decide your own meals and when or what you wanna do through the day. It really isn’t that great though since having a family around is good and fun.

Leaving home will be very interesting and scary, but you can’t stay with your parents forever. Leaving home will not be nice because you do not know what to do your first ever time being alone, away from your family. You would have to do it eventually though since leaving your parents home is natural. Games and manga will end up being my coping mechanism to get the boredom and nervousness out will be them.

Alexander Ruthford Scholarship

Thursday, September 17th, 2020

Alexander Ruthford scholarship is a school in honour of Alexander Ruthford. He was the first Premier and Minister of education. Known for his strong support of public education. The purpose is to recognize and reward academic achievements and then encourage them to pursue post-secondary studies. However you must first meet all the requirements to be able to pursue this scholarship. It is something good to try for this scholarship as a post-secondary education. You can submit a application online or send one in your choice. Though requirements will vary for each grade 10-12. Either way its a good scholarship if you can do you that is.

Favorite hobbies

Monday, September 14th, 2020

Manga is a hobby of mine that I really enjoy reading. It’s basically books but from japan and are put into a comic book like format. Depending on the story it will either be interesting to me or boring. Depending on my interests at the time it will make me choose a manga of that genre. I could read normal books but I am not good with imagining things in my mind so I use it as a helper to help me realize what’s going on. There are also Light novels that are usually based on a book except it’s based on the manga and just tells out the plan of the story. Since manga takes time to make the light novels finish first. I get connections between the characters in manga and am interested to see what kind of person they are and see if they are similar to me in anyway. I could also be emotional when they kill one of the good characters that I like


I really enjoy soccer with the competition, teamwork, and the bragging rights when you win a game. It is very enjoyable when me and my team win intense soccer games where scores are close and everyones on edge. Soccer is my favorite sport and I will always enjoy watching it or in the game itself. This relates to both relationship and support. The relationship buildup with my teammates is usually strong. We would stand up for each other, support each other. The relationships we gain strengthens us in the soccer games.


Gaming is most enjoyable. All these hobbies rival each other and I can not pick one better one but gaming is still an important hobby to me, competitive or just for fun. There are a ton of things you can do since there are many games out there to choose from. I mostly enjoy ones that involve other people multiplayer games where me and my friends can play, strengthening our friendship while also having lots of fun. I can support my friends by teaching them basics of new games we play or them helping me. We will support each other.

Gimp Combophoto

Friday, January 24th, 2020

Original image

Original image

First you need to open up Gimp version 2.10 and upload images.

Then scale the images to match by using Scale Layer and opacity to 50% to line the images up.

Use a layer mask on one of the images and use eraser tool to erase part of the layer mask to allow the images to look connected and apply layer mask to the image that it’s being used on. Then make bothe images visible and they will come together you can also merge the layers if you want to.

This is the end result.

Gimp 6 differences

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020

Original image

You need to first open “Gimp 2.10” and upload image that you would like to change

you then want to use the free select tool then wrap it around a part of the image to copy or change and then use the eraser tool to make it blend in more. You have to always anchor the layer and also do not forget to use Copy visible.

You can use colour changers such as hue-chroma, hue-saturation, and or curve located in tools. Then use the move tool to move the image around or just leave it at the same spot and change the colour.

This is the end result of the work I did


Gimp Color Change

Friday, January 10th, 2020



First thing to do is open “GIMP 2.10” upload the desired image.

Secondly, if you are looking to change just part of the photo then use the cut tool to cut out and make a copy of the piece you would like to change. Then put it onto an invisible layer. (you don’t have to do this if you want to change the full colour)

Third, erase the parts that you don’t need in the picture because you cant completely cut what you want.


Fourth step, is to change to desired colour via Hue-Saturation, Hue-Chroma, or use Curves to change to the desired colour.

Final result is this purple and blue cat man in the back after i used Hue-Saturation and Hue-Chroma.

Who am I

Monday, January 14th, 2019

                                                                                                               by Arturious Shomachuk

Who I am                    


Everyone is unique and special in their own way, but this essay I will be talking about myself. What’s unique about me how I treat others and even about my personality. Myself I enjoy a lot of activities unless it’s boring work with no others around to talk to, I mean like a work partner. I am very fond of playing with others and that’s usually how I enjoy work, who wouldn’t. This will be about my personality and what I like.


What makes me unique, my attributes, how I will react in certain interactions or situations, and I like to play games too. What really makes people unique is how they grew up what it was like for them growing up, what they learned it affects how everyone will be and this makes me unique too. How I know this makes me unique because no one will act the same as me unless they see me act, they cannot think the same way as me all the time either. My personality, in my opinion, is great because I’m always cheerful I can’t stay mad at my friends either because of this and honestly I don’t hate my personality I like it.


Everyone has something that inspires them, maybe it’s a basketball player or so. To me what inspires me is others when I play soccer my team inspires me to get it past the attackers and to my teammates or even seeing others play hard is enough. Do I like myself though sometimes everyone will think I wanna be that person, but you always come back to that you would not wanna be someone else. In my free time I like to play a sport I am particularly fond of and that is soccer, another thing I like to do in my free time is play games with friends or alone. This is usually all the time when soccer comes around I do soccer but in the meantime I go play on the computer or consoles when soccer is not out to play.


Me, myself treat people usually the same as how I treat everyone else. Unless it’s someone that I don’t like but other than that I treat them relatively the same. Doubts that myself have are that sometimes I don’t know if I’ll be able to hand some work in, or can’t keep up to another persons stamina. These are my usual doubts I have maybe even some when it comes to gaming like I don’t think I can beat this script kiddie. My fears are relatively normal but what I fear is getting stuck in the middle of the ocean, spiders, needles, or even getting mauled to death by a bear or any animal. Anything killing me is going to scare me because who wouldn’t.


This says a lot about me, what inspires me, what’s unique about me. These are who I am and it shows what kind of personality I have. I only open up in one sport and that is soccer, it’s not that I only like that sport. I myself like basketball, volleyball, or even football but I am not as committed to those as much as I like soccer. All of these facts about my personality really define who I am as a person.

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