10th Commandment

There are two versions of the be attitudes. In one that is written by Matthew the first line states, ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. key words being poor in spirit. This verse is contrary to Luke’s writing of the passage where he states, Blessed are the poor. These two lines may sound very similar however they are quite different when examined further. You see to be poor is a very common phrase meaning you don’t have much, however poor in spirit means so much more as it means you are lacking something within yourself which can’t be filled with possessions or wealth. This whole “poor” idea is kind of highlighted in the 10th commandment (Thou shall not covet) meaning we should not want what others have. Within the different statements throughout the passages Luke writes, “But woe to you who are rich”.  Here Luke is saying that those who are rich aren’t truly rich until they can find it in their hearts to give to the poor, thus being able to answer gods question of what have you done for those less fortunate. In our modern day I think that we definitely need to find ways to help the poor not only in our communities but in our country. if more people could find it in their hearts to spare money or time to volunteer it could overall make a really great change in our world, and allow us to hope for a better future.

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