Through yet another blueprint survey I have been able to see through a series of questions what different career paths may suit me the most. As I had predicted science was my top result. I think overall I’m just really curious about a lot of things such as, space, or biology, making science a really interesting thing, as it helps explain what we don’t quite know yet. I did also get some other results such as social sciences, which essentially is either law or history. Both of which I’m also quite drawn to. I think the history portion dates back to when I dreamed of pursuing a career in archaeology and discovering things that we never knew existed which, not surprisingly, also is part of my curios nature. I also noticed that Law was a very high result too, and probably has to do with my random skill of debating odd topics. One thing I was a little surprised about was creative arts, however in hindsight it does make sense as I am quite passionate about music, but by no means ever considered it a career choice. Overall I can honestly say that I don’t quite know what I’m going to do after school yet, but this does hep give me a baseline of where to start narrowing down my options.

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