Now that I have completed all of the surveys within my blueprint I think that I have a pretty clear idea of what career paths may suit me in the future. On the last survey it gathered information on what your motivations are. Within that test my overall results were that I’m motivated by accomplishment and support. From what I gather this means that I strive for a sense of accomplishment and benefit from finishing tasks that can range from mundane everyday activities to large projects that cover a span of years. It also explains how I would likely benefit from a job with the support of my superiors and adequate training beforehand. Additionally independence is also a very important factor for me so I can do things the way that I find best suited, and to finish projects to the best of my ability. I think that I am quite a motivated person and could use that in a way to help other people and I think that whatever I do end up doing would probably incorporate that philosophy and way of thinking into it. Overall having motivation is definitely a very important thing and is what makes people accomplish great things for our world and I one day hope that I can be one of those people.


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