Father Joy’s First Visit

Upon first meeting Father Joy and he seems like a very kind person and after listening to him further these ideas were confirmed.  Father Joy had told us that previous to working here at the Holy Name of Jesus parish located in Vermilion,AB. He also worked in two different one of which being St. Theresa, in Edmonton,AB an the other being the St. Thomas More parish.

Father Joy had originally grew up in India, which is very interesting. Compared to Canada it is a very different lifestyle right down to population and geography. Although his home province of Kerala is smaller than Nova Scotia by about 20,000 miles it has almost triple of Canada’s population in that singular state. Father Joy discussed his education with us too, explaining how he had finished high school and attended 14 years of university, for both religion and fine arts.  This is quite an amazing thing as Education in India is either very low quality or expensive, this allowed for him to pursue higher education after high school. His family was also brought up and he referred to his sister being a Nun and his inspiration to become a priest. It seems as though his sister helped him the most throughout his journey of becoming a priest today, he obviously has quite a bit of admiration and respect for his sister and what she had done for him. His sister works with a group of nuns in India who are a part of a, Paediatric Clinic. Healthcare in India is very similar to that of America in which they need to pay for treatment making the Catholic hospitals very important as they help the more needy and allow for them to also have proper healthcare. However India does have some similarities as they also have many different religions practised  throughout it and they all seem to be relatively tolerant of each other.  From what I have learned so far Father Joy seems to have a variety of experiences and will probably use these to help teach us more throughout his services.


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