To this Day By Shane Koyzcan 

To this day is a moving poem about the effects of bullying and how it can stay with people forever. It shows how one mean action or comment can lead people to have a lifetime of insecurity and emotional baggage. However, as the first part of the poem is about the pain, the second half is just the opposite. It is there we see the true message and that being that you can make it through whatever is hurting you and that you are perfect the way you are. No one ever truly understands what you may be going through but that’s what makes you special and makes your battle personal to you.


Shine By Shane Koyzcan 

This poem is essentially made up of all the worst things you can think of in terms of tragedy. However, there is one phrase that is repeated… Shine. It is with this phrase that we are called to shine a light on these tragedies and expose them to the world, the author wants us not to ignore all of this pain but to shine a light on it and try to not let it be ignored and pushed to the side as just another sad accident. This poem makes us face the hard truth that the world isn’t all that it is made out to be and that tragedy is at every corner and that we should not avoid but help to better it, even if that just means acknowledging what it is that has been ignored.


Troll By Shane Koyzcan 

Troll is about the effects of cyberbullying and how it can go from being harmless to a tragedy. It goes on to explain how the words we say over a screen seem harmless to us but can be detrimental to others. How words can be enough to drive someone to a very dark place. There is no resolution offered however we are given a bleak sense of hope as we are learning to live in this age every type of bullying. Overall this is a poem about how much words can affect people and what those effects could cause.

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