Songs I Never get tired of

Music has a way of connecting and bringing people together. Whether it’s through a favorite song or shared experience music undoubtedly speaks to us on a deeper level. Although every type of music varies we can usually find meaning within the song or try and decipher what it means to us as a person. We all have songs that we can’t help but leave on repeat and that is what I am here today to discuss with you today.

“Home Welcome Home” by Radical Face.  I will start off with a song that is very well written, with amazing vocals and beautiful backing tracks. This song I find is very impactful and moving not even in just the lyrics but just the power of the guitar and piano in the back. I truly find it to have some of the best backing track I have ever heard. That song with the lyrics which depict a man coming home to his childhood home and being flooded with the memories of his past. But not those of a negative impact but optimism as we can tell from the lyrics that they didn’t have much growing up but they had love and that’s all that mattered.  I really think this song is so moving to me because It makes me think of my old home and all the memories I had made there. Honestly, I just think this is an amazing song as it is or acoustically it still holds all of its power and emotion.

“Way down we go” Kaleo. This song is just beautifully crafted. Not only this song but every song by this band. Kaleo is an amazing group of vocalists and musicians. Way down we go is just such a beautifully crafted song with so many elements that make one that I could never bored of. Every time you listen to it you can seem to find a new meaning to the lyrics and what they are trying to say and interpret them in new ways.  I think that the meaning of this song really comes down to whether we will fall off of the success we have. The lyrics seem to imply that being successful and happy in our lives is precious and it is a slippery slope. What I mean by that is that it is very easy to mess up and lose all you have created and established in your life as nothing is permanent and can always be changes. Within the first line, there is also a question, “Oh, Father tell me, do we get what we deserve?” I think that this line implies a sense of guilt in the singer for some unknown reason as if he were questioning whether he deserves all he has accomplished in life. As you can see there are many interpretations of this song which makes it very intriguing to me. That accompanied by the amazing sound and vocals makes for a song I always seem to enjoy like new every time I listen to it.

“Broken Bones” Kaleo. I have once again another Kaleo song because this is one of my favourite bands and one of my favourite albums. Broken Bones is very different in terms of the style of music in comparison to Way down we go and that is what I love about this band, their diversity and raw talent to change their style of music. This song has a more Louisiana blues type of vibe to it and utilizes that genre very well. Broken Bones swingy and free sound makes it a really gripping song that I always enjoy. Now the meaning of this song may seem obvious by the lyrics as it is clearly stated that it is about working on the railroad against their will, so in other words slavery. ” For every hard-earned dollar I make/ There stands a white man just to take it away”. These singers really use the tone and genre of the song to portray a message of being free and that struggle to do so.  And I believe that the line, “The devils gonna make me a free man” is not referring to a devil but what people are intolerant of. What I mean is that this devil to on person may be a saviour to another and that intolerance and prejudice clouds our judgement of that and makes us see these saviours as devils, and only because of small-minded views. I think that the ability to tell a story like this within a song is a talent and makes me think very highly of these musicians and their ability to combine storytelling and art to create such gripping music. 

As I have said a million times before in my life music is truly an amazing thing that brings people together. It can tell stories that speaking could never accomplish and it can really change your point of view. As they say, music speaks a thousand words and that is very true as not only are you hearing the words but also experiencing the sound that goes with them to really know what they mean.  Music has been a big part of my life as I have grown up in a very musical family where a simple song means so much more. Overall I believe that it is a very important thing to be exposed to and to appreciate as it brings so much joy into our lives each day. 

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