Time Travel

Time travel is a very predominate theme in a lot of science fiction and fantasy novels and still intrigues readers to this day.  I have always been particularly drawn to this concept and have often wondered where I would go if I had the opportunity to time travel, as this would be a truly amazing event.

I think that the first time I would travel to would be the Aztec era. I have always been really fascinated by their culture and way of life. Their place in history is one of power and skill. They were a very quick-witted and resourceful civilization and that is what I commend them for. Although it was quite a violent time I would still like to see how this era unfolded and really get to see how they could have changed little things they had done and possibly have become one of the most powerful civilizations in that area.

Next, I would like to go to the Renaissance period. This time in history was very important to the development of our modern society. I have been interested in this period for a while now and have always wondered what the influential people of this era, such as Martin Luther or Davinci would have been to talk to. The arts and music of this era were also very influential to modern society and I would have liked to see how it becomes intreated in form the MIddle ages ideals where it wasn’t even remotely important to their new ideals where it was a main focus.

With a time machine, the idea of going forward in time is also a possibility and believe me when I say that it is an opportunity that I would definitely take. I am always thinking of the future and what it could hold, that also sometimes leads me to worry too. With things such as climate change and tension between nations I always am left to wonder what kind of a world I will be living in my adult years. So with that, I don’t think I would want to see particularly my future but just see the advancements that the world has made and learn the history that we have not seen yet. Overall this is what I would do most promptly if I had the offer to travel through time as the future is what interests me most.

To me, the idea of time travel is one that amazes me and may not be too far being fantasy. With the way science is going, it is quite possible that the ability to travel through the fabric of time could be a reality. With that, there are always concerns about what could happen but as is always said, nothing great ever happened without taking risks.


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