My Dream House

Moving out into the world alone is a very exciting and new time in our lives. When we think of this monumental time in our lives we also tend to let our mind wander to where we will live. Although most of those dream houses are unattainable at a young age we can still let our minds run free and imagine what we would choose to spend our first moments of liberty.

Personally, I have always been drawn to city life. After growing up in small towns on acreages I have come to appreciate this lifestyle however, I have always seen living in a city to be a very lively experience. I think the aspect of just having so many more opportunities and experiences just really pairs with my personality and ambitions. So I think that my dream house would be in a city. A place like New York or San Fransisco has always seemed very appealing to me, but I think for the time being a place in Canada is my best bet.

Still being young I don’t think I would need or want too much room in my house just because I like a cozier and less intimidating feel in a home. So I would probably choose to live in an apartment, and I don’t mean a little apartment like the ones in Edmonton, I mean ones similar to those in all of our classic sitcoms like friends or the less known show New Girl. I would definitely want to be on one of the higher floors because I really like to look of a balcony. With that, I would want a view of the city when it’s dark and all the lights are on showing the liveliness of the area. I wouldn’t want to be right downtown, but maybe an older part that is not always so loud. Some people ask me, “well what about the noise” and honestly, that’s not really a problem to me and actually is quite soothing.

Now the location is important but equally as important is the interior. I would want an open concept house so it feels less closed in. Another thing too make the house seem more inviting would be windows all throughout the home. Along with that, I would want one wall that is brick to give the apartment an old and classic look, that paired with a support beam in the living room would be ideal for me. A few bedrooms would be nice to have for when people come to visit especially for the family if I end up living farther away. Along with the layout, I would want the furniture to match the old New York style that I have always loved.

So from what you can see my ideal housing situation is very different than what I have grown up with but I think it would be a good thing to experience. I have grown to appreciate country life and would really like to enjoy and experience city life too.

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