The Car of my Dreams

When you think of a monumental moment in your life as a young person you think of many things. Your first day of school or graduation and many moments in between. However one always seems to stick out, that being when you finally became a licensed driver. Everywhere, but especially in smaller towns getting your driver’s license is a very important time in your life and signifies a sense of freedom. Along with this certification we all dream of what car we could flaunt this new achievement with and finally cruise on the open roads.

If I were to have the ability to have any car I would probably choose a 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda. I think that the design of this car is just astonishing and is very well articulated. The red design is by far my favorite model of the car and really accents the black that is a well-known aspect of this car. The body resembles that of a muscle car but with more sleek and defined lines that really catch your eye. The red and black are also accented by the hints of sharp silver, in both the rims of the tires and smaller lines throughout the car.

The interior of the car is also a very important aspect, obviously, not many people along the road will see it however, it really ups the appeal of the car to have a sleek interior. Ideally, for me, I would have a black interior, not really for any particular reason but I just think that it makes a car look very sophisticated and well kept. To personalize my car I would also add some smaller dice on the mirror, I know it’s a little clique but I really think that dice attitudes pairs with a car like that. I’d also add smaller chains or charms throughout the car a bit just cause it adds some personalization and really makes it your own. I would also want it to have a manual transmission purely because it is way cooler and really goes along with the drag racing vibes of the car. That paired with a V8 engine would make for a really classic and sleek set of wheels.

I have always really appreciated older cars and just how nice their designs are. I think this is probably because of my Uncle, as when I was growing up he had always had a passion for cars. In my younger years after spending time with him, I think that the appreciation for old and classic cars influenced me and helped shape what I know today as my dream car. I also know that when I do go on the endeavor of finding a car he will be the first person I ask to help, solely because he knows the most about cars out of anyone I know and I am really glad he got to help me to appreciate them too.

Overall I think that my dream car might have to stay as just a dream as this model is quite rare and has been auctioned for under a little under 2 million and on average sells for about 340,000 dollars. So this draws me to the conclusion that I will probably have to do some saving before I can afford a beauty of a car like the Plymouth Cuba.

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