“Draw it” Project

For my 4th visual project, I decided to do the “draw it” project.

  • Step 1
    • Choose a picture, for me, I chose a picture from google images

  • Step 2
    • Open it into Adobe Photoshop CS4, or any other photo shop website, but for this, I am using Adobe Photoshop CS4.
  • Step 3
    • Duplicate the image so that you can saturate the image to black and white

  • Step 4
    • Click on the adjustment layer button, and within the adjustment layer, choose hue/saturation.

  • Step 5
    • Change the saturation to -100

  • Step 6
    • Click on the background layer and change it to “Colour Dodge”

  • Step 7
    • Invert the colours on the on layer 1 by pressing “Ctrl+I”

  • Step 8
    • Once all of the steps have been completed, we can start the last step. The image should look white or with a few dark spots, but they will be fixed once you change the filter. To do this, click Filter at the top of the computer, then Blur, and Gaussian Blur. Then you slide the radius to an amount that looks good to you.

  • Then, Viola, a picture that looks like a drawing


“Places of Peace” Project

For my third project for my CTS Web 10 course, I decided to do the “Places of Peace” project

My “peaceful places” is as follows:

  • Couch
    • I picked a couch because its where I feel the most comfortable and the most relaxed.

  • Earbuds
    • I chose earbuds to represent music, because music calms me down.

  •  Stars
    • I think that looking up at the stars is one of the most relaxing things to do. Watching the stars glistening and dancing up in the sky is one of the best sights to see.


  • Home
    • My home is where I feel the most safe and the most relaxed.

“Bucket List” Project

For my second project for the CTS Web 10 course, I chose to do a bucket list of the things I want to do in my future life.

These are the places/things I want to go to/do in my future endeavours:

  • Travel to Europe or the other side of the world, I have never been there before.
  • Graduate high school, preferably with honours
  • Go to university and become a doctor or something in the medical field
  • Prolong my sports career, mainly hockey

I use “BeFunky” to create the collage and used the “Pixabay” for the pictures.

“Colour Changer” Project

  • Step 1
    • My mom took this picture of our hockey team from her phone and sent it to me. I thought it would look good colour changed, so I opened it in Adobe Photoshop CS4.

  • Step 2
    • I changed the shade of the players to a darker shade: Image -> Adjustment -> Curves -> Adjusted the chart to make it a darker shade

  • Step 3
    • Next, I changed the shade of the scoreboard to a darker shade using the curve adjustment

  • Step 4
    • Then, I changed the colour of my head coach and of one of the players faces to a lighter shade using the curve adjustment

  • Step 5
    • Done!


Word Craft: Sunrise on the Veld


  • Duiker: a small African antelope that typically has a tuft of hair between the horns, found mainly in the rainforest.
  • He cleared the bushes like a duiker, leapt over rocks; and finally came to a dead stop at a place where the ground fell abruptly away below him to the river.”



  • Myriad: a countless or extremely great number.
  • “He gripped his gun between his knees and felt in his own limbs the myriad swarming pain that of the twitching animal that could no longer feel, and set his teeth, and said over and over under his breath: I can’t stop it. I can’t stop it.”

  • Sultry: (of the air or weather) hot and humid.
  • “That was what he was: fifteen years of rich soil, and this slow-moving water, and air that smelt like a challenge whether it was warm and sultry at noon, or as brisk as cold water, like it was now

  • Lintel: a horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete, or steel across the top of a door or window.
  • “As soon as he stepped over the lintel, the flesh of his soles contracted on the chilled earth, and his legs began to ache with cold.”

  • Fastidious: very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail.
  • “Alert as an animal he crept past the dangerous window, standing poised with his hand on the sill for one proudly fastidious moment.”



Figures of Speech: Sunrise on the Veld

In the short story, Sunrise on the Veld, by Doris Lessing, there is quite the use of many different figures of speeches. In my mind, she is using these figures of speeches to make the story more attractive and making the book more interesting to read. She used the figures of speeches in the right spots in the paragraph and used the around the right amount so that the story wouldn’t be as boring as it could of been, but if she put a little bit more figures of speeches, I believe that it would of been a little bit overload.

An Emotional Landscape (Lvov) Poem

A journey to a unknown place by many,
Is quite a short one,
But the journey is quite a trek,
It could take a long time.
A place that is friendly,
A place that is warm,
Humbling, relaxing
A place that does no harm to you,
A place that only you can find.

Translation: Ideas to Image Poem

Experiences can bring out the evil side of you,
Darkness, mischievousness, loneliness.
Others can bring out the gratitude in you,
Thankfulness, happiness, loveliness.
But there is one thing that can cure your evilness,
That is forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a beautiful thing for when someone is,
Hurting, feeling down about a loss,
Someone who is praying to god to help them.
God was crucified on the cross for our sins, 
he will forgive you. 

First Line Auction Poem

He saw you, 
the other night.
Someplace that you weren’t supposed to be,
Some place where you could of died.

He is your father,
The man with all the power.
Someone who tells you what is right,
But you chose what was wrong.

You were in a back alley,
With a buddy and his friend,
Lighting up cigarettes,
Thinking nothing was going to happen.

Then two guys rolled up in a black car,
Looking for trouble.
All three of you ran in terror,
Hoping nothing was going to happen.

You ran into someplace safe, 
Someplace where you wouldn’t be harmed.
Then you ran into your father, and you asked him for help,
He did, stopping the situation before it could happen.

You see, no matter if you are going through a rough time,
An emotional time,
Or you just need somebody to talk to, 
Your parents are always there to help.

Five Easy Pieces Poem

His hands will get wrinkled and old,
If he stays in the small town that is unknown.
His hands are clenching from tightness to looseness, 
Waiting to go back to Vanuatu, which is a tiny insect on planet earth.
I want to ask him why he is so stressed, 
And why he wants to go back to Vanuatu so bad.
When I ask him, he said,” because I have to”.
To this day I am still wondering why he said that.
Kind of a weird answer if you ask me.