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On The Sidewalk Bleeding By Evan Hunter

  1.     The word protagonist means the main character or one of the major characters of the story. Andy is the protagonist because he is a major character in the story, if not the main character of the story.  Andy was a tragic hero. Andy is a young 16 year old who was at a party with his girlfriend Laura. He went to the nearest candy store to buy a pack of cigarettes when he was stabbed by a rival gang of his gang, The Royals, which is named, The Guardians. Andy held hope when people passed on helping him.
  2. Andy is stabbed by a rival of the royals. A drunk man finds Andy in the alley and threatens to call the cops on him. A couple, (Freddie and Angela), came into the alley and saw him, but were too scared to help. An old lady came into the end of the alley and went through the garbage cans, indicating that she was homeless, but didn’t do anything to help Andy.
  3.  The names used in the story can be described as a symbol. One example is Andy’s jacket, The Royals. His jacket can symbolize a gang, team, friends, allies, family.
  4.  Andy’s jacket, in a way, caused his death. Freddie and Angela didn’t help andy because he was a royal and they were scared. Freddie and Angela didn’t want the guardians to be “down on their necks”
  5.  Freddie and Angela didn’t help Andy because he was a royal and they were scared. The drunk and the old lady didn’t know he was stabbed. They didn’t know how to help
  6.  He sensed that he was dying when Freddie kissed Angela and then he thought about Laura’s kiss.
  7. Andy took off his jacket and put the jacket on its back so that it would cover up ”THE ROYALS” on the back of the jacket so that people would help him. Andy wanted to die as Andy, not as a Royal. The guardians hated the jacket, not him.
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  9. police officer had no empathy for Andy. He didn’t know what happened to him or who did this to him. The police officer was just there to pronounce that he was dead. The police officer was a bystander






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