The Reasons to Belive

The Reasons to Believe

In the reading Kreeft mentions the principle of causality,which means that all things have a cause.The principle of causality both proves and disproves God’s existence, it proves God’s existence because he is the cause of Universe, How it disproves God’s existence is that God has no cause, but God doesn’t need a cause because he has always existed, and because of this we call him the unoriginate origin.

Another argument provided by Kreeft is the argument from design,which states that where there is design there must be a designer. Just like how if there was no rocket scientist there would be no rocket,if there was no God there would be no universe. Everything on earth and in the universe shows evidence of design, even the smallest of particles of particles were put on earth for a specific reason,and were designed in a particular way.

A third argument presented by Kreeft is the lewis trilemma, which states that Jesus is either a liar, a lunatic or the lord.The Lewis trilemma is supported by the various miracles Jesus performed, if he was a lunatic he wouldn’t have been able to carry out any miracles, but if he was a liar he would have been able to fake some of his miracles but not all, which means he is lord.

The next argument presented by kreeft is the argument from conscience, it states that conscience has absolute power over us and that the power can only come from an absolutely perfect will or a divine. With this information we must conclude that such a being exists. The argument  also states that there are four alternate explanations for conscience those being, it’s an abstract idea,something concrete but less than human,something on the human level but not divine or something higher than the human level but not divine.

The final Argument presented by Kreeft is Pascal’s wager which states that you can not prove that God exists, but you should still leap to the conclusion that he does because if you are wrong it does not matter but if you are right it means everything.


I’ve Got Gloria Responding to the Story

  1. I think there is a battle of wills because of how similar they are to one another,and although neither would likely admit it they are both extremely stubborn and hate admitting that they’re wrong
  2. On Scott’s first day of summer school one two things will happen either Mrs.Whitman gets upset with him in some way or they both go on and like nothing ever happened
  3. One time when I was much younger I got lost in sobeys, once I realized my parents weren’t there I broke out crying, eventually the situation was resolved when I found my parents
  4. Since Scott sees Mrs.Whitman as such a mean witch like person with her red hair and tight lip, the reader is also going to see like that because we have not seen anyone else view of her.The protagonist’s views shapes how the readers see characters because most times we only see the protagonist’s view.

The Adventurous Life of John Goddard Respond to the Profile

  1. I think John Goddard spent his life trying to complete his life because he made a promise to himself that he would do everything he wanted so that he would not regret how he lived.
  2. At sixty-four I imagine that I’ll be retired living on my own with little to no contact with the outside world or contemporary society.
  3. Skydive,Paintball,Go to Japan,Watch the Olympics live and in person, Fly a plan,Drive a train, Sail a boat,Go to Mars, Go the Moon,Bungee jump.
  4. I would rather live a life of far adventure by myself because other people would just get in my way and prevent me from finding and reaching my true potential no matter how high or low my potential is.
  5. The goals listed are very unique and were likely all very difficult for Goddard to my opinion the easiest goal to complete would likely be making a parachute jump.The hardest would likely be visiting every country in the world all 195.

Hanna and Fairy-tales

The movie Hanna is an interesting mashup of the classic fairy tale tropes perfected by the Grimm brothers and the high intensity action of most Hollywood blockbusters. The plot of Hanna mimics various popular fairy tales, such as how Marissa Wiegler who is the main antagonist feels like a mash of memorable fairy tale villains,including Baba Yaga. Hanna’s journey throughout the film is similar to that of red riding hood and her journey to grandma’s house.

In the final moments of the movie when Marissa is telling Hanna to come with her it mimics the wolf attempting to convince red riding hood to leave the path so it could eat her. In Hanna Wilhelm Grimm’s house can be compared to grandma’s house in Red Riding Hood. Near the end of Hanna Isaacs says “run little piggy” to Eric this can be seen as a reference to the three little pigs,making Isaacs a  wolf as well.

In the story of Baba Yaga the towel that is given to the children by Baba Baga’s cat is mimicked in Hanna during the scene where Hanna comes across a group of women washing towels in the river while singing.The comb from Baba Yaga could be represented by the forest Marissa chases Hanna through at the end of the movie.Throughout the movie it is clear that Marissa will stop at nothing to find Hanna which is similar to how Baba Yaga chased the orphans, not giving up until she could no longer see their silhouettes .

Sophie and Miles who Hanna meets while running from Marissa in Morocco can be seen as representations of Hansel and Gretel. In their story Hansel and Gretel are abandoned in the woods by their parents but fortunately they are able to find their way back after Hansel placed rocks marking the path back. In Hanna Sophie represents Hansel and Miles represents Gretel,Although Sophie is female like Gretel and miles is male like Hansel Sophie is much stronger mentally and a better leader than Miles making her Hansel. Another connection is both sets of sibling were captured by a witch one figurative  and one actual.

Hanna pays homage to many popular fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel but it also shows appreciation to other lesser known fairy tales such as Baba Yaga. Marissa and her henchman represent all things evil whilst Hanna represents all aspects of life that are good and pure.although  she is unlike your average witch Marissa could be seen as a witch.

The Search for Peace (War Written response)

It was a cool November afternoon and Charlie was hanging out with his friend Joey and Joey’s brother Simon,After a fun time of sledding and snow fort building the boys decided to return home and feed Charlie’s rabbit Peace.Charlie had never shown the two boys his rabbit and he could tell how excited they were to meet her.One after the other the three boys ran into Charlie’s house and then barreled down the hallway into Charlie’s room where Peace laid quietly asleep in her cage. For a while the three boys just sat there staring at peace not wanting to wake her just yet.All of a sudden peace came to life,twitching her nose and hopping around.Excited the boys quickly opened her cage and started to frantically pet her.Once they were done petting Peace the boys fed her, opened the window beside her cage to give her fresh air and left Charlie’s room.

Too tired to go outside and run around the boys decided to play video games.After getting bored with the video games Simon wanted to play with Peace some more but Charlie told him to not disturb her. Still wanting to play with Peace Simon decided to tell the other boys he was going to the washroom even though he was actually going to play with Peace.After about ten minutes of playing with peace Simon decided to go back to the living room where Charlie and Joey were playing video games so they wouldn’t be too suspicious of him.When Simon walked into the living room Charlie and Joey were posted on the couch their eyes fixated on the television,their fingers and thumbs twitching obsessively.”What took you so long” Charlie yelled over the constant beeping of the television. Completely frozen with both fear and guilt all Simon could muster was a quiet “I don’t know”. Joey was so enticed by the bright flashing lights of the Television that he didn’t even notice Simon had arrived until Simon was seated right next to him. Startled by Simon’s “sudden” arrival Joey jumped two feet in the air and screamed”where did you come from”.Saddened by how his brother had not noticed him Simon in a quiet and discouraged tone pointed to the left and said “over there”.

After another several minutes of Charlie and Joey remaining fixated on the television Simon broke the verbal silence asking if anyone wanted to do something else.After giving each other a quick Charlie and Joey both agreed that they were done playing video games. After checking his watch Charlie realized that once again it was time to feed peace.All at once Charlie,Joey and Simon charged down the hallway,but when they made it to Charlie’s room they noticed something was missing”where’s Peace”Charlie asked in a confused tone. Charlie was so confused as to how peace could get out of cage when it was locked, unless he hadn’t locked but he knew he did because before he left the room he tried to open it but it would not. Immediately Simon realized he had not properly closed the cage after he played with peace,and it was his fault that peach had run away.Terrified of what Charlie would say Simon decided to just stay quiet and let Joey and Charlie figure out what to do.

Charlie frantically paced around the room, exasperatingly shouting gibberish whilst Joey and Simon sat on the bed watching him with curious stares.“What are we gonna do,we’ll never find her in the snow she blends right in”Charlie shouted, his face completely red with sorrow.Sticking his head out of the window Joey asked “why don’t we follow her paw prints”.Charlie looked out the window and gave an embarrassed nod with a look of self-disgust on his face.Whilst they were gathering their snow gear,Simon decided to tell the other boys what happened,and how it was his fault peace escaped.Enraged charlie looked at him and started screaming until he could not scream anymore,and then stormed outside with Joey in hot pursuit. Realizing what just happened Simon slid down the wall,and slumped against it holding back tears and holding his head in his hands. Simon just sat against the wall contemplating his decisions,until he finally decided that he would help them find Peace  even if they did not want his help,it was his mistake and he was going to fix it.

Determined to help, Simon set out,meanwhile Charlie and Joey weren’t having very much luck,because as the snow started to fall Peace’s paw prints became covered and harder to see. Disheartened by their lack of results Charlie and Joey decided to turn back,But what they did not know was that Simon was lurking in the bushes behind them not wanting to be seen.When Charlie and Joey turned around Simon dashed into the alley hoping the other boys had not seen him.Charlie and Joey had not seen Simon but they did hear something,and of course they did the rational thing of checking out the sound.Hearing the other boys coming Simon ducked behind a trash can but what he found caused him to change his mind,huddled behind the trashcan curled up in a ball was Peace.Carefully Simon picked her up and screamed to Charlie and Joey that he found her.”We told you to stay away”Charlie said with a harsh tone in his voice “I just wanted to help, why are still mad wouldn’t have found her without me”responded simon nearly crying “we wouldn’t of needed to find her if you didn’t lose her,I didn’t even want you to come today but you had to” Charlie’s words hurt Simon because he thought they were friends. Aggressively Charlie snatched Peace right of Simon’s cold frail hands and told him to just go home.Soon after Simon started walking Joey was walking beside him “why aren’t you walking with your friend”Simon asked with obvious disdain in his voice “after what he said to you,he’s not my friend not anymore”Joey responded poking his brother.


War respond to the story

  1. The war the author refers to in the title is between Neil and his father. This can supported by the similarities between how Neil threw rocks at his father and the Islamic tradition of the stoning of the devil.
  2. i believe that the way Neil reacted to his father leaving is not typical of a ten-year-old boy because of how he was trying to hit his father instead of just near him.I believe Neil threw the stones out of both fear of his father leaving anger at him for leaving.
  3. The climax of war is right after Neil hit his father knocking him out,when they were laying beside each other in complete and utter silence.At the end of the story the conflict between Neil and his father had not been resolved,this is evident right before they take the picture and once again there is complete silence,with neither wanting to say anything.

Human Rights Violation (Bangladesh’s Garment Industry)

…..The Article from the author claims that rules and regulations about garment    making in Bangladesh are Improving. This is a very positive outlook for such a dire situation. According to conditions in sweatshops across Bangladesh include poverty level wages,Health and safety violations,Child labor and harsh verbal or physical abuse, This seems to contradict their previous claims that conditions are improving.The article includes many images including this particular image of The Rana plaza building collapse,Rana plaza also known as the Savar building was a Bangladeshi sweatshop that collapsed on April 24th 2016 killing 1134 people and injuring roughly 2500 people,Although Rana plaza also housed a bank, apartments and several shops only those employed at the sweatshop had to work that day because of cracks that were found in the foundation the day before. Although the rest of the Rana plaza building was built with a permit the top three floors were built illegally without a permit. According to the article from in Bangladesh over 3.2 million people of which 85% are women work in the whopping 4825 garment factories.Another interesting fact from this article is that the Bangladeshi garment industry generates 80% of the country’s exports. The article also reports that in 2010 the minimum wage increased from $22.41 a month to $37.35 a month which is still below a living wage of $67.23 per month. In 2011 the average Canadian made $21.81 an hour which compared to the minimum wage in Bangladesh is a great deal of money.

A Conversation of Birds-Respond to the story

  1.    The story has multiple themes including commitment and conflict.The stories main message is that although you might not understand what someone is saying you can still understand what they mean
  2.   The title occurs during the silence before her father starts giving his speech. I think the other   chose this phrase to demonstrate how when we are focused on one thing everything else ends up becoming random gibberish which is similar to how sally can not speak korean.
  3.   When he says that he said the same old thing it’s almost as if he’s saying that sally won’t understand or does not deserve to know what he said in his speech.
  4.       I know that the author thinks it is important to speak up against injustice and human suffering because she wrote a short story about speaking up against injustice. People can stop human rights in multiple ways such as protesting like the students from Kwang Joo or Kent state.
  5.     The hero is sally’s father because he went from being nervous about his speech to speaking from his heart and saying what he knew was important.The Monomyth , is the common template of tales that involve a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a  crisis wins a victory, and then returns home changed. The first part of the Monomyth is “the Call to Adventure”,Sally’s father experienced this before the story started when he was asked to give  a speech about what happened in Kwang Joo. The second part of the Monomyth is “the Crossing of the First Threshold” Sally’s Father experienced When he finished writing his original speech.The third step of the Monomyth is “the Revelation” which Sally’s father experiences when he abandons his original speech and starts speaking from the heart. The final element of the monomyth is “the Return” which sally’s father goes through After he finishes giving his speech and the people come up to him.

The Broken City

Today was a good a day for Timmy he had just been promoted to manager at his job working at chicken world,But unfortunately for Timmy all that was about to end.Whilst Timmy was walking he noticed someone wearing a ski mask running from the direction of his family’s apartment given that it was January he thought nothing of it,but when he got home his world was turned upside down forever. Once at the apartment Timmy noticed that the door was unlocked even though his mother and sisters would not be home for another twenty minutes. Reluctantly he opened the door and sitting on top of the Kitchen counter was note that said “I know where he is “. Befuddled Timmy picked up his phone and texted his mom a picture of the note,and asked if she knew what it was about or who could have left it ,but when she responded all she said was “I’ll be home soon”. Not knowing what to do but still wanting answers Timmy decided to call his Uncle Jim.

Timmy’s uncle had helped Timmy’s mom raise him and his sisters when their father died in a car crash nine years ago.Uncle Jim was Timmy’s fathers brother and Timmy’s only Uncle since his Mom had no siblings. Timmy was certain Uncle Jim would know what to do,but when Timmy called him there was no answer.Timmy only had five minutes to figure out what to do before his Mom would get home, and likely rip the note.He thought that if he left his Mom would see him running,and even if she did not she would notice that he was gone and find him in minutes.Once his mom arrived he had the brilliant idea to hide the note,and tell her that he was tired and going to take a nap,but then sneak out without her noticing for at least a couple of hours.After supper Timmy set his plan in to motion,went to his room,and snuck out.

Not knowing where to go or who to talk to Timmy decided to call Uncle Jim again,and this time there was an answer Timmy explained the situation with the note to uncle Jim,but all Uncle Jim said was “I know”. Uncle Jim’s answer befuddled Timmy so much that all he could say was “what?”. Uncle Jim then explained to Timmy how his father wasn’t actually dead but instead hiding from the Mafia. “What about the car crash” Timmy asked, Uncle Jim responded with “Timmy your father faked his own death” “how?” asked Timmy very confused “I helped him Timmy I helped him”. Uncle Jim said with sorrow in his voice. once again Timmy was at a lost for words but mustered the courage to say “why? why now? why not before? why wait so long?” All Uncle Jim could say once he noticed how truly upset Timmy was with was “I’m sorry he told me not to tell, that it was better this way”.Timmy was enraged not only with his father but also with Uncle Jim, in fact he was so upset that all he wanted to do was scream so loud that everyone could hear,but he knew not to and instead decided to ask Uncle Jim where his father was. Uncle Jim responded “the broken city” These three words bewildered Timmy because he had never heard of a place called the broken city.Timmy hung up and decided to return home to research the broken city.

Once back home Timmy got to work researching the broken city,But what he found was nothing no one had ever heard of the broken city he started to think his uncle had lied to him. right he was about to give up he found something was an old book title the broken city, and he had found it in is Dad’s old study that they had left virtually untouched. After skimming through the book Timmy once again decided to call Uncle Jim, But this Time he knew what to ask. Uncle Jim Answered this phone and said “hello” Timmy respond by saying”is the Broken city a real place or is it just a place in a book?”.Not sure what to say or what to do all Uncle Jim said was “I don’t know” “Why don’t you know” Timmy asked passionately.”Timmy all he told me is that was where he was going” Uncle Jim said with his voice full of sorrow. once again not knowing what to say Timmy was left silent for thirty seconds until he brought up the courage to say”do you know where this place is”.”Timmy your father told me about this over nine years ago I’ve forgotten most of what he said”Uncle Jim responded. Discouraged Timmy hung up and decided to continue reading,and at the back of the book he found a map with coordinates that he assumed would lead him directly to the Broken city. Timmy decided to get some rest and then visit his uncle to show him the coordinates and get his opinion on what to do.

The next morning when Timmy woke up he went straight to his uncle Jim’s to learn his opinion on what to do. Once there Timmy showed Uncle Jim the Map and the coordinates and asked him what he should do. Uncle Jim pointed out to Timmy that the coordinates lead them to the middle of the pacific ocean. “Could there be an island there that no one has discovered yet?” Timmy asked.”possibly,but even if there is an island how would we know if your father is still alive” Uncle Jim answered.”should we tell my Mom” Timmy inquired “no, there’s no point she’s already gone through enough” Uncle Jim said with sorrow in his voice. “Well are going to find him?”Timmy inquired “no” Uncle Jim replied “what why?” Timmy asked befuddled by his Uncle’s decision.”He doesn’t want be found and even if he does the island might even exist or he could be dead, Timmy there’s to many what ifs” Uncle Jim responded sternly. Timmy knew his uncle was right but still thought his father could be out their and said”what if he is out there what if the island is real and what if he wants to be found?”. “That’s still a lot of what ifs but if you’re serious about wanting to find him i’ll help you”Uncle Jim responded.”How do we get there” Timmy asked all Uncle Jim responded with was “I know a guy”.

Uncle Jim and Timmy hopped in his 1997 dodge challenger and drove to the place where they were meeting uncle Jim’s friend. Uncle Jim and Timmy arrived at the meeting place which Timmy was surprised to find was the local airport. “why are we at the airport” Timmy asked sounding very confused. “My friends a pilot and he agreed to fly us directly to the coordinates you found. Uncle Jim answered. Uncle Jim and Timmy walked to hangar H where they found a small ten passenger jet. All of a sudden a large man wearing overalls hopped out of the cock pit. The man’s name was Steve and he was approximately 7 feet tall and  weighed approximately three hundred pounds.Timmy was surprised at Steve’s size because he expected all pilots to be small and thin. The three of them hopped in the plane and took off.

After flying for only four hours they made it to the coordinates and to their surprise directly under them was a small island with several wooden structures on it. It was hard but eventually they found a spot to land and made their over to the wooden buildings.After about a one hike they made it to the structures,but what they found was very disturbing.All the buildings looked rotten and as if they hadn’t been used by anyone in years. The three of decided to wait for three for an hour to show up then go home. They waited and waited but no one came discouraged they walked back to the plane and flew home. once they got home uncle Jim told Timmy he was sorry for what he did, But Timmy knew his father was still alive,and would stop until he found him.Although Timmy wanted to keep looking he decided that today was no the day and that he would wait until he was older.



song recording

Goner”   by Twenty One pilots  lyrics

I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath,
I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath,
I want to be known by you,
I want to be known by you.
I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath,
I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath,
I want to be known by you,
I want to be known by you.

Though I’m weak and beaten down,
I’ll slip away into this sound,
The ghost of you is close to me,
I’m inside-out, you’re underneath.

I’ve got two faces, blurry’s the one I’m not,
I’ve got two faces, blurry’s the one I’m not,
I need your help to take him out,
I need your help to take him out.

Though I’m weak and beaten down,
I’ll slip away into this sound,
The ghost of you is close to me,
I’m inside-out, you’re underneath.

Though I’m weak and beaten down,
I’ll slip away into this sound,
The ghost of you is close to me,
I’m inside-out, you’re underneath.

Don’t let me be gone.
Don’t let me be gone.
Don’t let me be gone.
Don’t let me be gone.

Don’t let me be.
Don’t let me be.

(Ah, yeah)

I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath,
I’m a goner, somebody catch my breath,
I want to be known by you,
I want to be known by you.


1ST line auction

Her mind is like a battlefield

Constantly shifting between good and evil

Her thoughts negative attacking positive

Fighting for control

Her mind is like a battlefield

Negativity quickly gains control

Her thoughts attacking her emotions

Fighting for control

Her mind is like a battlefield

The barrier between truth and lies is nearly broken

The illusions of imperfection attacks reality

Fighting for control

Her mind is like a battlefield

The girl gets help the barriers been fixed

Good and bad once again go at it

Fighting for control

Her mind is like a battlefield

The war is nearly won

Good fought back and saved the girl

From negativities control

Learning styles survey



DEC 12     

On the learning styles survey i got visual-kinaesthetic which means i learn by looking,seeing, touching and doing or lstd for short. Visual learners learn by looking and seeing.Most visual learners like to take numerous detailed notes, tend to sit in the front, often close their eyes to visualize or remember something, and benefit from illustrations and presentations that use colour. Kinesthetic learners prefer to learn by touching and doing. Kinaesthetic learners need to be active, take frequent breaks, and make gestures when they talk and explain something.their preference is for hands-on experiences, tasks that involve manipulating materials, and they appreciate physically expressed encouragement when they communicate.

Who am I


Who am I can be answered in many different ways  such as who I am as an individual who I am as a part of a group or what being apart of that group does to affect my individual identity.  There are a ton of different things that affect my identity such as school,sports,family and friends. The largest factor would likely be school because it most dictates how my future will because if you don’t have an education there are less jobs open to you. what sports I play what sports I like and what sports teams I like also affect my identity. Certain places have large concentrations of groups of fans of certain teams i live in an area with a large concentration of fans of my favourite teams rival with means i have so much fun being teased for my belifs.

On the Sidewalk Bleeding

  1. Who is the protagonist? Andy is the protagonist and he is going through an existential crisis which is kind of absurd in an ironic way.
  2. What is/are the conflict(s)? Andy was  stabbed and is laying on the sidewalk bleeding out some people are trying to help but can’t and others just don’t try.
  3. The conflict is developed through the use of names that apply to the boy: Andy and a Royal. Skim the story to note how the names appear in critical places. What do these names represent? The names might represent who he is,who he wants to be or who he was. A royal represents who he is as a part of a group. Andy represents who truly is.
  4. What effect does Andy’s jacket have on the people who find him in the alley? It makes them decide to not help him out of fear for the guardians who are likely the Royals rival gang and are likely more powerful then the royals.
  5. What are the reasons why these people do not help Andy? The man tried to  help Andy but only had one solution which did not help with Andy’s situation. Freddie and Angela were afraid of Andy because they didn’t  know he was there once they realized Andy was hurt they were going to help but then they saw his jacket. The Old lady didn’t help because she didn’t know Andy was there.
  6. At what point does Andy realize he is dying?  Andy realized he was dying after seeing all the people passing by at the other end of the alley
  7. What does Andy do with the last of his strength? How is this important to the theme and to the outcome of the conflict?With his last strength Andy takes of his jacket so people don’t just think of him as Royal but think of him as Andy. This is important because it shows Andy realizing that being Royal means nothing if it is the reason he is about to die.
  8. What is the climax or turning point? 
  9. What is the police officer’s reaction to Andy? How does this contribute to the author’s message? The police officers reaction was oh its a royal. It contributes to the  authors message by portraying the royals as being hated or disliked.


The are things happening in the environment we cant control but there are some things we can like how we treat animals.

there are some people who believe we should stop hunting animals and treat them with respect here is what i say to that.

I understand that animals are living creatures but we need food to live and besides we don’t eat all animals so why not continue hunting and killing the ones we do eat.

Well if you want to respect animals don’t any meat from animals or become a vegetarian otherwise you are a hypocrite.

There is also the problem of extinction if we stop eating animals they will over populate the world and we will run out of plants to eat as well meaning no more food and no more humans.

Animals are still alive they are still plentiful in fact there are more animals then humans are we going to let them takeover or are we going to EAT!

There is a choice to make, there are sides choose, are you going stop eating meat and let animals over populate or will you EAT!




The Maze Runner

The maze runner is about a group of teenagers who are trapped inside an area that is surrounded by a maze.The main character is named Thomas.

Thomas is faced with many questions such as figuring out who he is and why he was sent to the maze. Thomas is also faced with many fears such as the grievers in side the maze.

   The Teenagers call the place they live the glade and themselves Gladers. They call they people who sent them to the maze the creators.The creators use small rat like robots called beetle blades to spy on the Gladers. 

when people are stung by a griever they are given a serum and go through the changing. The changing brings back some memories to the ones stung.





If i was stranded on a desert island and was only allowed five foods i would choose Sausage, cheese, crackers, water,and Cucumbers.i would choose sausage because it is high in protein. I would choose cheese because it is a source of calcium. i would choose crackers because they are a source of Iron and fibre. I would pick water so i don’t get dehydrated. I would pick cucumbers because i like them and they are very healthy. I picked the five foods i did because they cover all 4 food groups and would provide the proper nutrition i require in order to be healthy and not die

World Change

Every day millions of people go hungry,I can help by donating to food banks so no one goes hungry. I will donate time and money to help the poor and less fortunate get back to living their life. I can donate my time and visit the sick and elderly to make them feel loved and wanted. i will recycle and Reduce my carbon emissions by riding a bike to reduce pollution. it is important to protect the earth because it is the only one we have.I will become an earth hero and protect the earth and it’s inhabitants by doing everything in my power to lessen pollution and lower the amount of people that are homeless.

The Unsolved Riddles of existence

Life is weird, there are so many unknown things that riddle us yet they all remain unsolved and unanswered. There are so many things that riddle me and many others so where do i begin.

What is life, why do we chose to live in way of which we are slaves, afraid to speak up and have a voice. Why do we look up to celebrities like they are gods even though they falter and do not compare to the real God. The answer simply is because we are humans and know no different.

Why do we seek the answers of answerless questions. Why do we try to explain life and all of its mysteries,to find the answer that doesn’t exist. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not spent trying to explain the unexplainable.You have the right live your life how you want to live it, so dont let people push you around, live your life!

Do you exist to be a slave or do you exist to be free, you have the ability to choose your destiny so choose to be free choose to be yourself. Why are we so fascinated with Technology which we have used for nearly 20 years but still some people can’t fathom how it works or why it works. Have you ever wondered why you bother with work and school even though all we do is complain about both things. Why do we exist do we exist do we exist to die,to live or to do both. Why Is life weird, why is life strange, what is life, what are we,who are we,why are we, how are we,when are we?

Although most of these riddles remain unsolved we are so close to uncovering the truth to many of them. Right now is the front of knowledge  and technology which allows us to find the answers to some of these riddles of existence.