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Who is Jesus?

When this question is personalised, it becomes the most important question one will ever be asked or answer. Who is Jesus Christ to you? Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it

The problem of evil

Here’s the question millions of people have been asking, if God is good and if God is all-powerful, why is there suffering? If God were all-knowing, it seems that God would know about all of the horrible things that happen

The reasons to believe.

  Why do people believe in God? For a large amount of people in the world, the answer seems obvious, because it’s self-evident that God exists. As well for many people, believing in God is like believing in Santa and

To edit your theme and get to widgets, go to your blog and at the very top of the page click appearance and under active theme press change.   

Color change

my sheep photo before that I got from unsplash To change the colour I select everything I want to change and at the top of the page I go under image then adjustments. First i wanted to go on curve

Responding to Iv’e got Gloria

  I think that there is such a battle between Scott and his father because they are so alike and don’t realize it. They think they are so different from one another and that’s why there’s so much tension between

Responding to John Goddard

  I believe that John Goddard spent his life trying to complete this list because he made a promise to himself that he would complete the list and live his life always to the fullest. As a kid he heard

Bucket list

I click the link going to and select collage maker at the top of the page and i get my blank collage. To find photos I click the three dots beside “computer” under image manager and search my free


I picked a tiger and cat to mix together. I took my two photos off of unsplash, a free stock photo finder. To put the picture of the cat on my tiger, I select the part of the cat i

In search of self

Hanna Hanna has been trained more than raised her whole childhood, trained like a dog. Erik has taught her to be stoic and how to fight and not how to handle her emotions or how to be a kid. Her

The Sniper

  a) Details in story; roaring gunshots, guns broke the silence, twilight, envelope of darkness, approaching dawn, faded light, moon light, dark waters. Roaring gunshots and guns breaking the silence: These details symbolize power and violence. These weapons can take

Central African Republic

Central African Republic is a state located directly in the middle of Africa. This Civil war has torn apart this state, a country as large as France but a population as small as 4.6 million. This civil war involved the


The room was dark, silence filled the air as if it was water. There was a lot going through Amira’s head but one thing she knew she had to do was find her parents. Her eyes were red from crying,

Fishing in the Dark

  When you’re reading a song you notice the lyrics more than you would when you’re singing them. When singing them your brain kind of skips over the meaning because you’re into the beat or the next lyric. Reading the

Superman vs Tarzan

Superman: two people, secretive, selfless, honest, bad past, moved on, hero of people, civilized, temptation, Son of krypton Tarzan: Not good with the ladies, self reliant, no confidence, shy, unkept, Savage, dirty, smelly, swooping up chicks, quick, strong, king of

Sites for school.

  Iblog: it’s useful for documenting the books we read, movies we watch, and anything we write and, or learn. Twitter: To make short progress updates on the work you do in classes. Google: to get to websites we need

Word Craft

Word Craft Stoicism- The endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings The boy was suffering, sick and angry but was satisfied with himself for not showing it. He was watching things around him while not noticing the

Idea to image #3

We want equality But have not been shown any mercy Like our rights are some sort of battle We are human beings But treated like toys   Our looks are more important than our education Our body shape is the

Idea to image #2

She begged for forgiveness Heart throbbing… screaming She craved his presence The only thing that stops it The voices seeping into her mind   Her head is a bomb waiting to explode Ticking… constantly Her heart is in pain She

Idea to image

#1 She was known as foul Some sort of monstrosity She no longer had a smile on her face The light inside of her disappeared She was filled with darkness   No one could save her Not even herself She

I didn’t go one the ski trip poems

#1 I was in a dark room Locked in a cage with chains attached I can hear voices But no one is there Maybe this will soon end And my soul will be free Without a care in the world

Five easy pieces

  Her hands were stained with my blood She dropped the knife Watching me fall to the cement Her hands went over her eyes She couldn’t bare the sight   Fiddling with her hair as she cried Smearing the blood

First Line Auction

The silent, but cold, refreshing breeze Blowing through the flowers Making them sway back and forth It send shivers down your spine   This wind, calming, soothing Flowing through my hair Like water seeping through rocks Into the ocean  

Interest type

i am a Shepherd  Shepherds are patient and generous with their time. They are drawn towards helping others. They are also imaginative and creative advisers and teachers. Shepherds need the variety that working with lots of different kinds of people

Personality type

I am a Healer The healer is creative, artistic, idealistic, and spiritual.They believe everybody is uniquely individual. Always optimistic, they focus their energy on always staying positive and follow their hearts when making any decision. They are spontaneous, quirky, and independent

Learning styles

Visual Learner I learn my looking and seeing, I am 37% visual, 33% kinaesthetic, and 31% auditory. I use all three learning style approaches.  The best way to study or a visual learner is to highlight notes, Use graphic organizers,

on the sidewalk bleeding

Who is the protagonist? The protagonist in the story “on the sidewalk bleeding” is Andy A protagonist is the main character in any story A protagonist has to make difficult choices, and later in the story, face consequences of those


My list of words I have collected in Grade 9: Guffaw- A loud and boisterous laugh. Grotesque- comically or repulsively ugly or distorted. Aristocratic – distinguished in manners Pavilion- a building or similar structure used for a specific purpose, in

Who am I?

So, Who am I? That’s a simple but big question, it’s not something that can just be answered so easily. Knowing who you are takes time and effort. Most people think it would be pretty easy to answer with just

 This is everything on my left dashboard on

Bottle rockets

Bottle Rocket Materials: 2L Bottles Duct Tape Scissors/Knife Cardboard/Plastic Toy/play dough Step 1: We emptied our bottle, by putting hot water in it to wash it out and get all the label off. Make sure it’s empty, not a single

Cornell Notes

Cornell notes are more organized and well constructed than regular notes. Regular notes tend to be more messy and hard to study with. Cornell notes are easy to study with because of the folds.

Saving our earth

Protecting the world is a very important responsibility because if we want to live here and live healthy lives. We can do things like picking up garbage so the animals don’t swallow it and get sick, even carpooling or just

Expository essay- Angels

Do you believe that angels really do exist? If so, you’re not the only one who believes in these angelic beings. So many things about archangels are fascinating including who they are, what they do and what cultures they come

The house of the scorpion, Nancy Farmer

It was the night of Matts party when Maria had started freaking out because her dog was missing, they found they the dog in the toilet with the lid closed. Matt found out that Tom tried to drowned him but


Stranded in a nightmare full of all my fears and the only way to escape is through a door into the unknown. All i get is a passageway to three different coloured doors and a flashlight… Not knowing if i

Unsolved Riddles of Existence

Have you ever wondered unsolved riddles about life? Well lots of people wonder about them and don’t know that they can just grab a book and some will be answered in it. Book usually have something that the main character

Mix Tape


The key to surviving a hurricane is preparation. Be sure to have batteries if your flashlight or radio run out of power, make sure to get enough small energizer batteries to last a few days. If you can’t get a

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