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CSS Quiz

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Web Design

I did two different projects for web design. The first one I did was a portfolio of myself and what I wanted to do. Some pros about this site is that you are doing a site is that it’s about you

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Help Jacqui

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shakira- waka waka(this time for africa)

[youtube video=pRpeEdMmmQ0&ob=av2e]

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Photoshop- letters in my surroundings Create your name from objects in your environment. Use either Creative Commons images, ones of your own, or a combination of both to find the letters of your name hidden in your surroundings. Edit the photos to work together

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Beast from air

Consider  the character Jack Merridew. How does he appear to be a qualified leader? What are his actual qualifications? Would he be a good leader?Why or why not? Compare him to Ralph. Who is better suited to lead the boys? Generally

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*Alone in the Amazon * (short-story)

On the first night in the jungle, I heard men talking. I went to see what was going on, I over heard them talking about slitting my throat in the middle of the night. I was terrified, I ran back

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There are many gizmos made, like the cell phone, the computer, the television, and the ipod.  They are all advanced and different the previous one, every single year. The cell phone, the computer, the television, and the ipod, are only

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help jacqui

If I had a million dollars I would give  Jacqui some money to help her with her operations.  I would give some money  to community charity, or to help with hospital supplies. I would buy an apartment building for homeless people, and

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superman or tarzan

I  woke up to another day of saving the world.  I got on my clothes, walked out the door into metropolis city. The morning air is cold, and mist is in the air. Today is going to be a great

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