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This does not occur to often but when it does it usually stays around for a week or so. There is one time in particular where I slept for fifteen minutes all night. It was a typical day in summer,

The Reasons to Believe

Why do we believe? What has Christianity actually done for the world that is positive? Where is the proof of His existence? With just three questions we create a ridiculous amount of debate and multiple sides that try and prove

Figures of speech – Sunrise on the Veld

Personification – The grass stood on its shoulders. How can grass stand without any legs or feet. Paradox – Dogs running free. The dogs are not free it may appear that way but in all reality the canines are under

Word Craft – A Sunrise on the Veld – Doris Lessing

incredulous – A person or something unable or unwilling to believe something. In relation to the context of the short story this occurs when the boy finds the deer being eating alive he confirms with himself over and over that

Found Poem 1

Do you understand English What is the purpose of your visit Where do I buy the Nike shoes People don’t read the signs Would you like to eat to bite There cheap and long and usually about men killing each

First Line Auction – He Walked Alone

Stumbling around a back alley Crying because his heart was broken He tried to drink the pain away He tried but did not succeed He is now on a main road In dark clothing He still has no idea where

Translation: Idea to Image Poem

The rage inside me builds up like a wildfire fueled by gasoline The anger just bursts out The agony is unbearable I don’t know how I’m going to make it I cannot control myself I cannot go without inhaling I

An Emotional Landscape

As I drive down an old back road The sunset so gorgeous over the slough Out run six deer, three dose and two fawns They all look at me I turn the truck off, slowly start walking in their direction

Ten Minute Spill

As the wind whirs past my hair Some cauliflower clouds roll in They remind me of my mother’s homemade cauliflower casserole As I walk hallway at the doctor’s office Try to act brave like a lion, but truly I am

Five Easy Pieces

Her hands as soft as a kitten Fur running through her fingers Her hand again strokes the kitten from head to tail The kitten begins to purr Her eyes were fireflies, but with an evil look They shine bright like

Blackfoot USA

When I first started looking for the Blackfoot reserve I had found one in Idaho and in Alberta, I first assumed it was the one in Alberta as it was closer but then I seen Blackfeet reserve which caught my attention.

My Blueprint – Interest questions

I once again agree with this survey 100% as I consider myself to not enjoy the fake or exaggerated moments in shows or movies. I’d rather watch a documentary about animals as I love animals, one day I hope to

My Blueprint – Personality questions

According to the survey I took my personality is “promoter“. I completely agree with this as I love selling and promoting new or old treasures. I have this talent naturally in my genes as my dad and my grandpa had their

My Blueprint – Learning Styles!

According to this ever so trustworthy website I’m a kinesthetic learner. My auditory sections was 33% and my visual learning technique was 25%. I use my brain with the five second plan as I find it is most useful for me

My Blueprint

On the dashboard there are seven categories and some had items in them that are hidden away until you hit a magic button then some more gadgets show up. The seven main categories are: Who am I – which gives

Who am I?

Who am I? Now if somebody asked me to describe myself in three words the first three words that pop into my head would be hockey , humour and easy going. Even though those are the first three words that burst

On the Sidewalk Bleeding Questions 1-9

Who was the protagonist? The protagonist in this story was a tragic hero. Andy was the protagonist. Protagonist means main character. Who was Andy? Andy was a 16 year old male who was apart of the Royals, the Royals were

Cornell method

I believe the Cornell method is extremely effective method as it keeps me organized and the notes are easy to study.

School- Expository

School Looking for a school with a substantial education system and extremely competitive sports teams well St. Jerome’s is the place for you. There is a ample amount of extra curricular activities such as volleyball, badminton and track. Being St.

Persuasive Essay

Nowadays just about all students in middle level or high school have a phone. Many of these students feel the need to bring them into class and annoy everyone. Ever hear of teenagers killing themselves that is mainly due to


name: Kent Murphy Age: 35 Date of Birth: June 19 1982 Where I Live: Vermilion Good day mates I’m here to tell ya’ll a little bit about my life and how I got here. It was a windy day in

Sophisticated five (Twitter Essay)

What do the citizens of Fort McMurray with hardships and respect to their environment? The Fort McMurray residents face an unbelievable amount of hardships such as loss of pets, loss of photos, but most of all the thought of not

Fort McMurray Fire

  CANADIANS! #FortMcMurray needs us. Text REDCROSS to 30333 to donate $5. Please help. #FortMacFire #ymmfire — GenZel 2 (@GenzelRadio2) May 4, 2016 Our thoughts are with the people of Fort McMurray! Thank you to the brave men &

Looking For a Hero

My book is called Looking For a Hero by David Boyd. The book talks about the true problems people have to face when something very terrible happens.  This tragic event had happened about a year ago and it turned this

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Dream Home

Dream Home Many nights I when I’m not dreaming about hockey I dream about my dream home. My dream home would be five stories high, have a balcony on every floor all the way around the house with white bright

1st Game of League Finals

Sunday March 6, 2016. The Vermilion Tier Three tigers made the 1 hour drive up to Frog Lake to start the beginning of the end for one of the teams. It was tight right until the second because their star

Riddles of Existence

Riddles of Existence Riddles are in my opinion are trick questions with answers that are very difficult to find. Sometimes we just aren’t looking in the right direction or have our minds in the right place of mind but I

2nd Playoff Game

We played on February 27th against Cold Lake. Even though we didn’t play very good we capitilized on our chances. We ended up beating them 6-2 to move on to finals. We play Frog Lake for Finals.

1st Playoff Game

We had won our first playoff 11-2. I had a goal and four assists.

My Playlist

Pre Game Hype

Pre Game Hype It was my second year pee wee playing with the Vermilion Tigers tier three. I was number 4 and was the assistant captain along with Denver Selte, we only two assistants because our Coaches Darren Selte and

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