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myBlueprint: Who Am I? Interests Survey

The Contractor The Contractor is physically active and they like practical, hands-on activities. Their curiosity, thoughtfulness and knack for problem solving are focused on real world uses. While they might be perfectly happy working alongside other people, Contractors like to

myBlueprint: Who Am I? Personality Survey – Dawson Riley

I am an ENFP and they need room to explore and to be creative without constraints. They focus on the world around them, looking for deeper meaning in the complexities and patterns they see. At home with emotions, they enjoy

Who Am I? Learning Styles Survey

I am a Visual Learner which means I learn by looking and seeing. Apparently I like to take numerous detailed notes, tend to sit in the front, I often close my eyes to visualize or remember something, and I benefit

On The Sidewalk Bleeding

Who is the protagonist? The protagonist is a 16 year old named Andy. What is the conflict? The conflict is Andy getting stabbed by a Guardian. What do the names represent? What effect does the jacket have on the people

Vocab Page

embellish: To make beautiful, as by ornamentation; decorate. overshadow: To cast a shadow over; darken or obscure. To make insignificant by comparison; dominate. accustom: To familiarize, as by constant practice, use, or habit outwit: To surpass in cleverness or cunning;

Random Riddle #4

Your Friends show up at your house for breakfast you have honey jam and peanut butter on the table what do you open first.

Cornell notes

The Cornell Strategy is used for taking notes neatly it separates key ideas and notes about them. BEFORE AFTER            

Day 4

Now we have to take are bottle rockets home and I don’t have Internet so I can’t post that much.

Day 3

Jarek wasn’t there that day and we had to go launch some of the bottle rockets some of them failed some went swimmingly I did not launch mine because it wasn’t ready.

Bottle Rockets Day 2

After Jarek chugged a bunch of coke a cola at his house he brought them to school and we started to work on them

bottle rockets day one

Jarek and I started making blueprints for are bottle rockets on the first day.


Making A Sandwich Let me tell you how to make a sandwich like a pro Johnny likes honey from bees, they are endangered so he’s down on his knees ┬áit’s tough, so tough Trina works at subway all day with

Mysteries of the World

When you look into the sky you see spheres orbiting spheres and when look in yourself you see atoms which are spheres orbiting spheres is it just a coincidence or something greater maybe each of are atoms is a tiny

Random Riddle #3

If the red house is made of red bricks and the white house is made of white bricks what is the green house made of. Post your answer below

Random Riddle #2

Whats black and white and red all over. Post Answer below

Random Riddle #1

What animal has four legs at birth and two legs when grown up and has three when old. Leave Your Answer Below.

Fact #2

The PufferFish is filled with a deadly substance called tetrodoxin but people consider it as a delicacy chefs have to have a certain license to prepare it. Picture

Fact #1

Uranus has a ring like Saturn but Uranus has a ring that is vertical scientists think that something hit it and tilted it. Here is a picture of Uranus Picture

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