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The Reasons to Believe

Throughout the short-story, many topics are discussed. There are many important points emphasized in the reading. While talking as a class, we had the chance to explore many things, such as examples of prayer and nicknames for God. We talked

Embeded Youtube Video

Holy Grails pt. 4

How to set your profile gravatar: Go to your top right picture and click edit my profile Go to edit my gravatar Sign in Take a picture Set it to rated G and there you go

Holy Grails pt. 3

How to change settings that enhance your blog: go to your appearance on your sidebar, click customize go to the site identity option that is where you’ll find the site title and tagline and edit it and make it personal

Holy Grails pt. 2

How to activate a jQuery plugin: Go to Plugins on your sidebar Search JQuery colorbox, press activate go to jQuery colorbox settings click the first box, then press save changes

Holy Grails

how to change your theme: go to appearance on your sidebar options go to theme in the dropdown menu activate your theme when you pick the one you like how to do widgets: go to appearance on your sidebar options

Hockey Cutlines Tshirt

 The image in the H  The image in the O    The image in the C  The image in the K  The image in the E    The image in the Y  font so it cuts properly  selected letters  cutline

Couple in love

For my project I chose a couple who are obviously in love and change the background of the photo. Better known as “Love at First Shot.”  These are the assignment details.   this is the original photo that I got off of

Vintage Photo

The assignment I chose to do for my CTS 10 visual assignment is Pick a bad photo, apply a vintage effect and write something in Helvetica.  I chose this assignment because it has a chance to change a bad photo

Events That Interest Me

The second assignment I chose to do for my CTS 10 project is My Bucket List I completed this with the website called “Be Funky.” For this assignment I had to from four and over pictures about what I wanted to

Sunsets and Friends

For my CTS WeB Design 10 course, I chose to do this visual assignment called colour changing. Assignment details :  Step 1 : I took this picture with my IPhone 6s. The original, unedited version is placed below… Step

Word Craft

Word Craft Fatality – an occurrence of death by accident, in war, or from disease Doris Lessing uses this word in the story resembling the cycle of life. When the boy questions whether or not to interfere with the natural

Figures Of Speech

Figures Of Speech Paradox – great ideas come from the inside, you’re recognizing what’s new to you. When the boy sees the sun rising, he gathers the information from inside him that everything around him resembles God. Not a lot

Five Easy Pieces

The hands, long fingers, cold and Kneading through the dough Making cookies, Chocolate chip cookies in fact As I looked deep into the blue eyes Of my grandmother, They reminded me of the tropical Ocean in Fiji. ¨The deep blue

An Emotional Landscape

To leave without a trace At noon you vanish somewhere Streams mumble Near the poplar and ash trees Where snails converse about eternity Lvov overflowed each ocean, No one could comprehend Lvov, Frozen for Synthia. At night the church’s silence

Translation, Idea to Image

Loud guns, Firing amongst the calming sound Of the ocean waves Reminds me of the past Where people dying Brought on the tears Of the families Suffering Through the pain But they know That heaven is a Better place to

Found Poem 1

As I gazed out at the multicoloured sea of humanity, Connecting to Orlando I thought to myself, how long will I be staying? What’s the purpose of your visit? Stand by, he’s fishing. We’d like you to wait here please,

Ten Minute Spill

Words used : cliff, needle, voice, whir, strawberry, cloud, mother, lick Adage : a penny saved is a penny earned. My mother stood on the cliff looking at the clouds and decided to lick a strawberry while getting a needle

I Didn’t Go on the Ski Trip Poems

2964 It was a dark summer night Midnight gets darker and darker Like a candle burning out And someone was coming my direction A black shadow with an unfamiliar scent The hair on the back of my neck went up

First Line Auction

I woke up in the middle of the night Terrified of what would happen next When just then I heard a knock at my door Searching, I saw A dark figure The long, loud cry out for help Coming from

Interests Survey

My interest type is the Sensei (IS) My two primary interest traits are Investigative (77 percent) and Social (73 percent) The Sensei are drawn towards learning and sharing knowledge. They can be patient, friendly and generous, but may often work independently.

My Personality Survey

My personality type is INFP (Introverted iNtuiting Feeling Perceiving) also known as the Healer. INFPs are creative, artistic, idealistic and spiritual. They believe everybody is uniquely individual. Always optimistic, they focus their energy on remaining positive and follow their hearts

My Learning Survey

My Learning Survey My learning style is Visual-Auditory. I learn by looking, seeing, hearing, and listening. It is true. I learn by looking, my brain remembers everything I look at. I am really good at memorizing people’s faces and matching

On the Sidewalk Bleeding #1-9

On the Sidewalk Bleeding Who is the Protagonist? The protagonist in the story “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” is Andy. A protagonist is the main character in any story. A protagonist has to make difficult choices and later in the story,

Who Am I?

We all at least once in our lives have went into thoughts about “who am i?, what makes me who I am?, how do others see me?, what do I want others to see and know about me?” None of

My Blueprint

This is what is on the left side of my dashboard on

Vocabulary Page

My list of words I have collected in Grade 9: Individual Identity – how we see ourselves and comes from our personal experiences and interests. Collective Identity – a sense of belonging shared by a group of people. Abjure –

Cornell Note Taking

Before: After: Cornell note taking helps you keep your notes more organized. You can fold your paper and answer the questions by reading the middle points and figure out the word flipped on the other side. It could also be

Bottle Rockets

Turns out our rocket didn’t go as high as expected, but it landed safely and nothing broke, so that’s a positive side. We made Lara’s bottle rocket first and named it Cornelius. First, we cut off the bottom part of the

Vocabulary Page

My list of words I have collected in Grade 9: Individual Identity – how we see ourselves and comes from our personal experiences and interests. Collective Identity – a sense of belonging shared by a group of people.

Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Classrooms At St. Jerome’s School?

Cell phones should not be allowed in classrooms at St. Jerome’s School because, they distract by ringing, or vibrating, as soon as a text message is received. Having a cell phone with you during class, can increase the chance that

Twitter Essay

What do the citizens of Fort McMurray experience with hardships and respect to their environment?   It’s very hard to imagine the tragedy that Fort McMurray is facing. To have to evacuate the entire city in a matter of hours,

Fort McMurray Fire

On May 3, there was a massive fire in Fort McMurray. Largest fire-related evac ever in AB, +29,000 forced to leave. You can help: #ABFire — Canadian Red Cross (@redcrosscanada) May 4, 2016 The fire throughout the days

Looking For Alaska – John Green

The book I am reading is “Looking For Alaska.” It is a book about a guy named Miles, and he has to go to the boarding school that his father went to when he was younger. The schools name is


(You’ve been exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?) If i was exiled to a private island and my captors only supplied me with five foods i would

The Unsolved Riddles Of Existence

  Do you ever hate when you’re reading a mystery book and the author stops in the middle of the book without solving the mystery or telling you who the killer is?   Q: How do you know who your

My Playlist

This is a playlist of songs I like.

Pre Game Hype

Question : What’s it like before the big game? Describe how you, the team, the coach behave before the big game. Describe the sounds, the feelings, the action, the talk.   Before the big game, it’s usually pretty nerve wracking,

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