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Paul, Apostle of Christ

Many people in their darkest times have probably used evil instead of good, Even though “you can’t repay evil with evil” people still turn to it and we can’t explain why we do it. We need to keep this quote

The central logic of Christianity

In the video, most of the things Bishop Barron was talking about was tied to the point of love and what it truly is supposed to be. If we understood what it is then it would change our lives, To

Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?   Questions and suffering, these are a strong formula in life, sometimes the questions tear at us for many reasons. One of those reasons if that we’re afraid to ask questions. One question we should sit down

The problem of evil

The problem of evil   One of the main points in The problem of evil is Free choice.   God gave us free choice out of love and because he was confident in us to use it wisely. The choice

Religion (The reasons to Belive)

There are some great points in Peter Kreefts “The Reasons to Believe” He talks about if God exists, The atheists, and also the soul.    God created a lot of things for us besides the earth, He created the universe

Top 7 of my favorite halo weapons

7. energy sword 6. SMG 5. Sniper rifle 4. plasma rifle 3. Assault rifle 2. Frag grenade 1. Battle rifle

Web Design 2 (blog editing Gravitar)

To change your gravitar on your blog you have to go to your dashboard then click on the users button   then click your profile. Once you do that scroll down until you see click on gravitar to change the picture.

Web Design 2 (Blog editing tittle, tagline ,ect)

To change the title of your blog you have to click customize then click site identity  then you will be able to change the title and the tagline.  

Web design 2 (iblog editing Plugin

To activate the  jQuery Colorbox plugin go to your blog’s dashboard then click plugins  then search up the jQuery Colorbox plugin   Then activate it.  

Web design 2 (Iblog editing)

to change the theme of your iblog you will have to hit the customize button on the top of the screen.    then hit this  then there will be a lot of diffrent themes to choose from. To edit some Widgets once

top 5 instruments I like

5. violen 4.ukulele 3. piano 2. Drums 1.  Dubpads/DJ kit

top 11 video games I love

11: super Mario advance(2001) 10:New super mario bros. Wii (2010) 9: Mario kart super circuit (2001) 8:Halo combat evolved anniversary (2011) 7:Halo reach  (2010) 6: Halo ODST (2009) 5: Mario Galaxy 2 (2010) 4: Mario&Luigi bowser’s inside story (2009) 3: Halo

Web design (top 5)

    top 5 5 . thats not what I expected project. this project was funny because only 2 people guessed it right 🙂 what is that?   4 .the farm colour changer I had to include this project in the

Changing worlds

Changing worlds “It’s better here anyway” Skyler thought to himself. “Here no one knows who I am, no one here hates me like everyone back ‘home.’ He looked at the group that was way below him, He was in a

Social Media makeover project

For this project we had to use Canva  to make art for youtube ,thumbnail, Twitter Header, Blog Banners, Pinterest graphics ect. Step 1: is to log into Canva using google. Step2: is to use the search bar to find anything you

CTS word cloud project

For this project you have to make a word cloud about anything you want using For me I did music. Step 1 is to go to the website then type in the category that your doing first so its

CTS t-shirt project

for this project we had to use a non copyrighted picture or to use one of your own pictures and change it on adobe illustrator. step one is to get your picture on adobe illustrator step two is to change

How Hanna is(or is not) like a teenager

In the movie Hanna and Erik have a conflict about freedom, most teens think they desire more freedom and they get in conflict with there parents because the parents don’t agree. When Erik asks her if shes wants to go

Places of peace

For this project we have to take at least 4 pictures of places that bring us peace and make a collage of the pictures.        The top right is a picture of the front field at my grandpas

My top 5 favourite Spag Heddy songs

5 Spag Hetty  permanent 4 Spag Hetty pink koeks 3 Spag Hetty gypsi thug 2 Spag Hetty sine time 1 Spag Hetty love at first sine

That’s not what I expected (project)

For this project we have to take a picture of anything up close and people try to guess what it is. For this project I took this picture.        Some people will be stumped on trying to find

Your love for your pet project

     My awesome cute dog Sammy. Step 1 you got to take at least 8 pictures of your pet or favorite animal. Step 2 is to email those pictures to your computer. Step 3 is to go to the

Colour changer (The farm)

  Picture colour changer project. Step one is to get just one picture of nature and to drag it on the screen when you email it to yourself. Step 2 is to open the image with adobe photoshop. Step 3

Human rights violation (Afghanistan)

“Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”   In the Afghanistan war over 3000 noncombatant civilians were killed during 2007 alone.  Hundreds of the civilians were killed in suicide attacks. The Taliban have also banned woman

a conversation of birds responding to the story.

A conversation of birds   One of the main themes of the story was commitment and conflict. The whole story felt gloomy and grey.                         The title occurs when

Still there by Jarek.

He’s already on his way”. Delta’s mom said. Okay thanks, he saw his friend leaving through the front door, he was running on the sidewalk to Koopa’s house so he started running too. He has an advantage the smooth sidewalk  

top 10 music genres i like

10.R&B 9.DNB 8.metal 7. rock 6.Chillstep 5.brostep 4. hip-hop 3.alternative 2.Riddim 1.Dubstep    

song recording (goner |-/ )

  For this assignment we picked the song goner by twenty one pilots |-/ It feels a little weird to just read the song instead of actually singing it because we are used to singing it instead of just reading

read theory

The read theory website gives you quizzes to do and it keeps track of your scores and progress level.   When you get questions right it gives you knowledge points.      The quizzes give you a certain topic that

What i have signed into

What i have signed into                          Twitter is a good website to look up info about the world     we video is good for doing video projects     The iblog is the main site we

sunrise on the veld figures of speech

Simile: A figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another. “He ran not carefully as he had before but madly like a wild thing. “The whispering noise was faint and dry like a cast snakeskin.   metaphor:

random fact

The 1st V-8 motor ever created was made by Ford in 1932.   take that Chevrolet!

Sunrise on the veld Word craft

Superfluity means an unnecessarily or excessively large amount or number of something. so when it says superfluity of YOUTH it could mean large amount of carelessness, craziness or large amount of joy. The definition also says large number of something like

Who am I

I am a person that loves music, my friends see me as a music lover and as a good sense of humor. I am the only one that cares and know so much about classic cars,muscle cars and old muscle

learning styles servey

Learning Styles Understand the Learning Styles and how they relate to you 39%Visual 38%Auditory 23%Kinesthetic Whatever your strongest Learning Style(s) results are, the best way to learn something is to try to use all three Learning Style approaches whenever you

interest servey

Makers combine their need for creative, hands-on work with their desire for self-expression and exploration. When they’re making something, they recognize that being practical doesn’t mean that they can’t be creative. Because of their active, hands-on nature, they’re at home

personality servey

INFP (The Healer) INFPs are creative, artistic, idealistic and spiritual. They believe everybody is uniquely individual. Always optimistic, they focus their energy on remaining positive and follow their hearts when making a decision. They are spontaneous, quirky, and independent and

on the side walk bleeding 1-9

On the sidewalk bleeding The protagonist is Andy because he is the main character and most of the story is about him and the situation he is in. There is conflict between the Royals gang and the guardians gang because

Cornell notes before and after

I think that the strategy is more organized and easier to see past info that you have written in the notes. Before cornell notes                                          after cornell notes Notes were not as organized                     more organized and easier to remember but before

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