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Challenges as a Christian

   There is different kinds of varieties of religion. There are some 4,300 religions of the world. Some of them are Buddhism, Cao Dai, Islam, Christianity Shinto and more. Religion connects to our faith in God. It’s like the practice

The Logic of Christianity

     If our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?  As Christians we live by God’s promise. To continue on our daily lives knowing our real purpose here on earth and help other lost souls that

Who is Jesus?

         After all the testimonies, scriptures and news about God’s existence, the question produced by doubt is sill, who is Jesus really? Aside from being a human, the spirit seeks for it’s true purpose and what the connection of God

Problems of Evil

     Evil isn’t evil without a body performing wrong actions. It is caused with a person’s own decision choosing the right or wrong. The problems of Evil grows in humanity, leading them astray.    God is the creator of all

Reasons To Believe

     One of the top most arguable questions till today is about God’s existence. About 85% of the people living in this earth have heard about or know about God but still choose not to believe in Him.     A

Responding to the story: Julius Caesar

A.  In the textbook replied Brutus to the people of rome, “Not that I loved caesar less but that I love Rome more” “Had you rather Caesar were living and die all slaves, than that caesar were dead, to live

Leader and Heroes

    A leader is a person that leads and commands an organization. A hero is a person that’s admired by many for outstanding achievements.      Leaders are there to voice out the opinions of its people. To lead them

            Responding to the story: I’ve got Gloria

  1.  The father and scott in the story, I’ve got gloria, had a conflict that got on the way. It’s a love hate relationship between the father and the son. It’s hard to accept that we created something wrong

Responding to the story: The adventurous life of john Goddard

  John Goddard’s motivation through his journey was his goals and his promises. Buddy didn’t get to survive throughout the journey and since both promised to end the course no matter what or who ever’s the last man standing he

Hannah and fairy tales

       Hanna is a character from the movie “HANNA”. Through her journey, there was some difficulties that have emerge and  had similar adventure with some fairy tales that probably most people know. Like Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red

War short story: Time Battle

 It was the twentieth of March in twenty-fifteen, Still snowing outside, cloudy and chilled, when my mom decided to finish her contract for another year in Saudi Arabia. The day before my mom left she told us “ I’m gonna

The Sniper by Liam O’flaherty

  a.)  It sounded serious at the beginning. The first paragraph started with a mysterious and thrilling introduction. Some details were pointed out like, “twilight faded into night” or  “enveloped into darkness” or “fleecy clouds” and a lot more.  

Response to the story: WAR

a.)    War can be referred to/as conflict within countries, friends, family or oneself. In this story, It is a war between the father and two sons. The father went to the army and told the eldest son, while the youngest

Response to story: A conversation of birds by Jean Yoon

a.)    The theme of the story called “A  conversation of birds” is about empathy and responsibility. The way the father held an event and did a speech about kwang joo was important, he felt like it was his part of

Saudi Arabia’s human rights violation

  KSA is known as their terrorism, their oil but mostly because of their horrific human rights violation. The top three most human violated rights are religious freedom, women’s equal rights and freedom of speech; belief.  Saudi is an Islamic territory.

Was Hot But Now Not

          In keoz hill, a not so small city, there is a man that’s been going around dating all the gorgeous female and dumping all the average looking girls. At one dim night, after going to

One Day by matisyahu

Sometimes I lay Under the moon And thank God I’m breathing Then I pray Don’t take me soon ‘Cause I am here for a reason Sometimes in my tears I drown But I never let it get me down So

Superman’s song

A. Tarzan – shy, -self reliant, -savage, -dirty, -defending, -strong, -king of the jungle, -Brain of the jungle -Do what he got to do, * Superman – -mysterious, -Immortal, -Foreigner, -Macho, -Hero, B. I see tarzan and think of the

What have I signed up for?

Recommendation : Twitter Is useful, it’s like an online diary where we can post our opinions about our new lesson or new topics that were said earlier. Also Twitter takes a huge part in our economy through media. It gives

Figures of Speech

Vaguely – In a way that is uncertainly, indefinite or unclear, roughly. Not very specific or clear. The ants were vague because you can’t tell that they are a sinner and a produce of evil. Myriad- It means thousands and

Word Craft

Vaguely – In a way that is uncertainly, indefinite or unclear, roughly. Not very specific or clear. The ants were vague because you can’t tell that they are a sinner and a produce of evil. Myriad- It means thousands and

An Emotional Landscape (Lvov) : Journey undone

Clear water Pure as a new born’s heart Bright light blue With a touch of a white snowflakes Purity that symbolizes The peace and calm pond That shows the emotion Of a bright and smart person To clearly see the

Translations: Idea to Image : Battle Outbreak

One. Two. Three. Suffering is near four. Five. six. making people grew more anxious Swords and guns can be seen at the floor Knights that battled had lost their life for more Blood scattered, and the area was full of

I Didn’t go to the Ski Trip poem

The sun rays create warmth like a blanket Covering me with warmth and protection The wind was especially cool today As the trees were swinging along Children went out Playing their favorite sports With a glass of lemonade by the

Found Poem : Stateless

Bombing and gunfire were heard through the night Gazing out at the multicoloured sea of humanity Human dignity, Old and cheap. I am going home! I am going home! Said viktor With a certain tone You are a citizen of

Ten Minute Spill

   One person’s meat is another one’s poison Says in the book of the holder A whir surrounded the house The sound of laughters and weep echoed through, Each room made difference With scratches and chains in the door knob

First line Auctuion poem : Puppet

Children play day and night Stolen attention, manipulated minds Nightmare of escape Daydream for rescue   Like a marionette Held control by the crackerjack Captive victims With silent justice   Unwillingly performs For the narcissistic crowd Disguised misery concealed With

Five easy pieces : Stranger

A pair of thin hands were pale white Dry as the deserts clime With bruises and marks That could clearly be seen in daylight     His hands were full of wet soil Gripping on the fingers while it dried A

On the left side of my dashboard I see a Home, Who I am, High school, Post secondary, Work, Money, Guidance and Articles icons.

Survey: Interests

The last survey I took is about interests and the report showed that my interest type is The Designer (AR). It says that (AR) tend to be quite independent and work on with tools, machines etc. and is hands on

Survey: Personality

I took the second survey which was about personality.  My type of personality came out to be an INFP(The Healer). It says that I see every individual unique. As INFP’ it also says that I easily get along with other

Survey: Learning Styles

Based on the survey I took, it say’s that i’m a Visual-Auditory Learner. I got 49% in Visual. I learn through looking and seeing. I tend to often close my eyes to visualize or remember something and benefit from coloured

Who am I?

Who am I? The name’s Kathleen you can call me Kath or Kate. I am a grade nine student. I like watching any tv show genres on my computer. In my free time I hang out with my squad or

My List of Words I have Collected in Grade 9

Moss – a small flowerless green plant that lacks true roots, growing in low carpets or rounded cushions in damp habitats and reproducing by means of spores released from stalked capsules. Thriving – (of a child, animal, or plant) grow

On the Sidewalk Bleeding by Evan Hunter

1.  Who is the Protagonist – Protagonist means the main or the lead character of the story. Andy is the lead character in this story. He got stabbed and needs help. He’s a part of royal wich is like a

Cornell’s note taking method

The Cornell Notes system (also Cornell note-taking system or Cornell method) is  a note-taking system created in the 1950s by Walter Pauk, an education professor at Cornell University. The Cornell Method gives a plan for organizing notes. The student divides


Scowl – an angry or bad-tempered expression. Cypress – an evergreen coniferous tree with small, rounded, woody cones and flattened shoots bearing small, scalelike leaves. Strain – force (a part of one’s body or oneself) to make a strenuous or

What role does technology play in our lives and in nature?

From the new stone age, Technology played a big part on humans lives and in nature, like technology-weapons and on natural resources. As it got bigger and better through years and was upgraded by humans. Some of them created machines,

Wildfire in Fort McMurray

WATCH: Woman evacuated with family from Fort McMurray home speaks to @FarahNasser. #FortMacFire #ymmfire — Global News Toronto (@globalnewsto) May 4, 2016   Wildfire stays put overnight – #ymmfire #ymm #RMWB — 979 ROCK (@979Rock) May

The Kill Order by James Dashner

Mark woke up sweating cold. After he relaxed himself a bit, Alec explored the Berg to see if the Berg has still energy and could still work. He was suppose to come but he was to weak to go so

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