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Consequentialism is described as the idea of one’s ethical theories are what forms the basis of what one believes is right or wrong. These philosophical issues are some that haunt everyone at some point in their life. We are encouraged

Figures of Speech: Sunrise on the Veld

Personification: A personification is giving a non-human human qualities. There are many personifications used in this story, the one that stuck with me the most is “the sun is painting”. I think this was the one I remembered because of

Word Craft: Sunrise on the Veld

Vigilant- Being alert of the dangers around them. A paradox is used in a phrase with this word because Lessing says he sleeps vigilantly. This action is impossible because when you sleep you are oblivious to the world around you

First Line Auction

Conflict is all around us We don’t always notice it It is the reason for everything we say For everything we do The silence is constantly in a war with the ticking of a clock It longs for a moment

“I Didn’t Go on the Ski Trip” Poems

The last flame of hope gets put out by the singing of the wind It carries the smoke of happiness and love Takes it on a journey far away from where it began   The leaves go along with the

Five Easy Pieces

His hands are always so soft The years of his life have given him more skin than he needs Each day he wipes off his wife’s picture inside of beautiful brown frame In that picture she is smiling the most

An Emotional Landscape (Lvov)

I walk down the path Wind singing and allowing just the tips of the trees to sway to the music It’s is refreshing my soul As I walk staring at the clouds My place is one I travel each day

10 Minute Spill

The clouds let the slightest bit of light through My mother says good morning The sound of her voice is inspiring so early in the day   I left them hanging on the edge of a cliff last night The

Translation: Idea to Image

It started slowly At first it could have been stopped If somebody would have pulled her back She wouldn’t be drowning under the ice The silence of being unnoticed and unwanted has silenced her The words I’m fine have now

The Terminal Poem

Expressions grim from seemingly endless journeys Locked in the seemingly endless cycle of time     That seem to stretch off into infinity And all we can do is wait   Why am I here? How long will I be staying?

Interests Survey

  Having taken the interests survey I have found out that I am a trailblazer. This means that I am artistic and good with enterprising. A trailblazer is someone who is always trying to create something new, has great perseverance,

Personality Survey

  The personality survey on “myBlueprint” has informed me that I am INFP (healer). INFP stands for Introverted, iNtuiting, Feeling, and Perceiving. A healer is a person who is often optimistic, independent, and creative as well as sometimes being self-conscious

Learning Styles Survey

One of the interesting features that are included in the “myBlueprint” website are quizes you are able to take to help you further understand yourself. According to the learning styles quiz, I am a visual/auditory learner. I think the visual

My Blueprint

My blueprint is a great website to help you lead the path to a successful future. It has many options on the left side including quizzes you can take to help you know where your strengths lie. There are options

Who Am I?

Some people would say I’m mature for my age. I am respectful, polite, and have good manners. I don’t have many good friends but the ones I do have I am extremely close to. I don’t mind that I only

On The Sidewalk Bleeding Questions- Evan Hunter

1. In this story Andy is the protagonist. He lives in New York sometime in the 1950’s and was sixteen years old. Andy is wearing a jacket which is purple with the inscription “ROYALS” on the back. That article of

Cornell Notes

I don’t think that anybody can or should tell another person there is a right or wrong way to take notes and the way they are doing it is wrong. Though the Cornell method could be a very effective way

Aztec/Spanish Report

How did technology, disease, and other factors allow the Spanish to take over and defeat the Aztec Empire? The Aztecs were fierce warriors and their numbers were immense compared to the Spanish. So how did the Spanish manage to defeat these


Who wants the one and only earth we might ever have to still have living humans on it in 500 years? I know that I do but it might not be that way if we continue on the path the

Biography of Ruby Max

Name: Ruby Max Date of birth: October 29 1985 Place of birth: Sydney Australia Height: 5’8 Weight: 150 pounds My name is Ruby Max,  I was raised in Sydney Australia, and am currently 30 years old. My parents have always

Should Cell Phones be Allowed in St. J Classrooms?

Should cell phones be allowed in St. Jerome’s school classrooms? I strongly believe that cell phones serve no educational purpose and therefore should not be allowed in classrooms. Mobile phones are a distraction, they are not the only way to

Fort McMurray Fire

Flames 'almost licking at your car': Fort McMurray man's video shows his harrowing escape — CBC News (@CBCNews) May 5, 2016 Edmonton steps up to help Fort McMurray wildfire evacuees — Edmonton Journal (@edmontonjournal) May 5,

Fort McMurry Fire

Absolutely insane images from Ft McMurray!Taken a few minutes ago on on of the last routes open to get out! #ymmfire — JustDave (@DaveHead40) May 4, 2016

Time to Tweet Part 2

The Promise of Amazing      by Robin Constantine The relationship that Wren and Grayson have is very complicated mostly because of Grayson’s past. Grayson got kicked out of his school because him and his friends were selling term papers.


When you fall asleep your mind gets transported to a different place, sometimes it’s a wonderful beautiful place you wish you could never leave but we’re not always so lucky. I’m in an enclosed room with only three doors with

The Awful Burden of The Unsolved Riddles of Exstence

Existence is the fact or state of living or having objective. It is terrible how much thinking and overthinking about the unsolved riddles of existence can boggle your brain. You can get caught up in every day problems and struggles

My Playlist

The Best Movie

The Fault in Our Stars A movie that I have recently watched is “The Fault in Our Stars”. I knew that this was going to be one of the best movies I have seen within the first 10 minutes of

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