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Web Design 2

How to change “theme” and “widgets” Appearance Theme Pick theme Activate Widgets Categories Pick side bar Add widget Title Save How to activate “Plugin” Plugins Use search bar jQuery Colorbox Activate How to change settings Apperance Customize Title Site Identity

Media: portfolio

I used the impact font on adobe photoshop and created a clipping mask to place three pictures behind the word spartans I then created a cut line around the spartans and made phone stickers. Spartans

Bucket List Collage

I used to create a bucket list. Where I included six pictures of activities I would like to do.

Spartans Logo

I used adobe Photo shop to Place picture behind The word spartans Written in the impact font.    

baseball card

I started with an old school rookie baseball card I removed the player who in the back ground I used a picture from Pixabay of a baseball field. I placed a baseball picture of myself onto the card and changed

color changer

   I started with this picture and I changed the saturation.  I turned up the green offset and also turned up the brightness  I then just played around with the curves until I liked how it looked.

Sunrise on the Veld – Word Craft

Incredulously – Unwilling or unable to believe. In the story he thought incredulously remembering the liquid dark eyes of the buck. Lessing used incredulously to describe how the boy was feeling, he was unable to believe what he had done or

Who Am I? Learning Styles

I completed the learning styles survey and I was 43% kinesthetic, 33% auditory, and 25% visual. It told me that I learn by touching and doing. A kinesthetic learner would prefer to learn by touching and doing. An auditory learner,

Who Am I? Personality Survey

After completing the personality survey it told me my personality type is The Champion. It also told me I was extroverted, iNtuiting, feeling, and perceiving. The Personality survey matched my personality with Charles Dickens, Sandra Bullock, and Anne Frank. Apparently

#1-9 On The SideWalk Bleeding

1. The protagonist in this story would be Andy because he is the one everyone is rooting for. A protagonist is the character at the center of the story or the main character. A story usually revolves around the protagonist.

Interests Survey, My Blueprint

After completing the interests survey, it told me my interest type is “The Aide”. It also told me that my two primary interest traits are, realistic and social. Realistic occupations would most likely include hands on activities, most realistic occupations

My Blueprint

In the left sidebar of you could click on home which would allow you to access dashboard, activities, goals, and portfolios. Next you can click on Who Am I which will take you to surveys which will match you

Who Am I

Who am I you might ask? If I told you my name I wouldn’t be lying, but there is more to it then that. Our name doesn’t make up who we are, the things you do, the people you hang

Bottle Rocket Day 9

We’re finishing our fins for our second rocket. Angelo, Wade and I are trying to figure out the design for our second rocket. We still aren’t sure what we are going to use for the nose cone.

Bottle Rocket Day 8

We started to do our second rocket. We’re doing our sleeve for the fins that are exactly like our first rocket. Were trying to cut the bottle for the sleeve. We found a fin from the box that people cut

Cornell Note Taking Method

 Before    After The Cornell Method was developed by a man named Walter Pauk, an education professor at Cornell University, in the 1950’s. The Cornell method provides a way for you to organize your notes into four different sections, key word

Tuna Rocket Launch

Bottle Rocket Day 6

At first we we’re thinking about gluing the fins on tape but we realized that the tape wouldn’t be sticky after awhile. Now we’re using a bottle and cutting it into long pieces to put the fins on and after

Bottle Rockets Day 5

We started planning on how we’re putting our fins in the rocket. Veitch did something and you guessed it he got in trouble again he cut some kind of mechanism that Mr. Sader made. We’re still cutting our fins out

Bottle Rockets Day 4

Today we finally finished up the nose and we put a sponge soccer ball on the nose. We’re starting to do our fins which is pretty hard to cut. Veitch put some bacon tape on the top of the nose

Bottle Rockets Day 3

Today we started putting the tip of the nose together and we’re still trying to find the best tip for our rocket. We tried putting a tennis ball and a little soccer ball inside the nose.

Bottle Rockets Day 2

Today Veitch untapped our nose from the chamber. We tried to fit the nose to the chamber better by cutting the nose which didn’t go too well and wrecked the nose. Now we have to make a new nose for

Day one

We started to built our bottle rocket. We started cutting and made a sleeve for our bottle rocket. Today we’re building the nose of our rocket. Mr. Sader got mad at Veitch because he was wrecking his blade, so Mr.Sader

St. Jerome’s School-Expository

Vermilion Alberta, the site of St. Jerome’s School. St. Jeromes is a fantastic place to be educated. For years, St. Jerome’s has had numerous events and most students cherish the time they get out of class or when catch a

Should Cell Phone Be Allowed In Classrooms At St. Jerome’s School

Cell phones are a great tool and can be used for a numerous amount of things. Cell phones in a classroom on the other hand definitely are not a need. There are times when cell phones can be useful in

Twitter Essay

If Animals are treated with respect we die because we have no food.sure the animals will survive but we wont. #challengesofsurvival — Austin Swan (@austin_m_swan) May 11, 2016 Animals have been hunted forever and there is ways to respect them


Another way to help out all those affected by the #ymmfire. — Hockey Alberta (@HockeyAlberta) May 4, 2016 Incredible tales of fleeing Fort McMurray fire as told to @cbcian @jstuffcocrimlaw talks about his video #ymmfire — Patrick Morrell

In The Heart Of The Sea

The men are on the small whaling boats that they used to go out and spear the whale. These — leighton_veitch (@LeightonVeitch) April 28, 2016

In The Heart Of The Sea

Now that the Essex has sunk the crew doesn't have much food and water so for it to last they are only allowed half a — leighton_veitch (@LeightonVeitch) April 26, 2016

In the Heart Of The Sea

Today I read about these Islands about 1 200 miles away from where the Essex sank, called the Marquesas, the native — leighton_veitch (@LeightonVeitch) April 18, 2016

In The Heart Of The Sea

The first time the Essex was attacked their smaller whaling boats were damaged. So the men only had two whaling boats left. — leighton_veitch (@LeightonVeitch) April 14, 2016

In The Heart Of The Sea

The Essex set out fro the small town of Nantucket to bring back as much whale oil as they could fit in they're 238- — leighton_veitch (@LeightonVeitch) April 13, 2016

Bad Habit

My worst habit is getting beat around the corner playing hockey, my coach doesn’t like it either. When a player is coming into our zone and he gains more speed while I’m skating backwards and burns past me and I’m

Humans and Our Earth

Keeping the earth clean will keep it healthy for generations to come. Forests are very important to keep humans healthy. Forests are valuable because they supply us oxygen and are a needed resource. Deforesting too many trees will someday ruin

Riddles of Existence-What is Time

What exactly is time? Why is it part of our everyday life? This is one of the greatest riddles of existence because it isn’t an object or something you can hold. We measure time, keep time, meet and greet around

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Baseball, it is one of America’s greatest pastimes. The ballparks, the food, the way the game is played. Americans and people around the world love the atmosphere, but who invented this wonderful sport? Have you ever thought about when baseball

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