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Dealing With Fears

Fear is the emotion we experience when we perceive someone or something as dangerous. Nonetheless, just because someone is fearful of something, does not mean that what they fear poses an actual threat. Each individual acts differently in response to

The Problem of Evil

The Catholic Church has taught us that God is good. Evil is commonly referred to as the total opposite of good. Evil is not a thing or an object, but a way that people act and conduct themselves. The problem

The Reasons to Believe

Is there a way that people can undoubtedly prove that God exists? Since the beginning of human existence, people have wondered if God exists. There are many proofs that God exists however many people continually refuse to accept that God

Figures of Speech: A Sunrise on the Veld

A simile is conparing two words using like or as. Lessing used multiple examples of similes such as “with the arms and legs and fingers waiting like soldiers waiting for a command” and “Alert as an animal” When a simile

Word Craft: A Sunrise on the Veld

The definition of superfluity is an unnecessary or extra amount of something.  A superfluity of youth is making the most out of your life before rules control your adult life. “He was clean crazy, yelling mad with the joy of

Grandma’s Place – An Emotional Landscape Poem

We drove on the highway That leads to my grandparents house They came out to say hello  Then went to play I walked along the rows of tree Trying to find a hiding spot The warm summer breeze Ran through

Desert Powers – A Five Easy Pieces Poem

His hands were dry and cracked The fingernails chewed and uneven The old cut running across his palm Was still bleeding His hands were moving fast Reaching for different tools Unplugging wires and attaching others But the vehicle would not

Unacceptable – The Terminal Found Poem

  What is the purpose of your visit? Take me to Ramada Inn, Lexington Don’t worry, this is just a standard procedure You are at this time simply…unacceptable Where do I buy the Nike shoes? You are not to leave

Love – First Line Auction Poem

  On a field filled with wheat Two people walk together A boy and a girl strolling carefree And the birds singing their song They walk hand in hand Until the girl runs far ahead The boy chases after her

The Decision – Ten Minute Spill Poem

A cliff far below the clouds Not knowing what lies at the bottom Will you risk it all or risk nothing Will you jump or not jump You’ve heard that great riches are at the bottom Maybe jagged rocks leading

Darkness – Translation: Idea to Image Poem

A great effort that results in disappointment An uncontrollable force fills you with adrenaline But leaves you with nothing but emptiness An emptiness which only brings darkness Along with the darkness comes a new lifestyle Living alone, worried, and lost


The settlement of Blackfoot, Montana is located in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. It is 119 kilometers southwest of Coutts, Alberta and located 1056 kilometers north of Salt Lake City, Utah. The Blackfeet Indian Reservation in a reserve for the Blackfoot

myBlueprint Interests Survey

According to the survey, my interest type is EA (Enterprising and Artistic), or the Visionary. EAs have the ability to share what they have imagined in an engaging and creative way that will help the succeed in the future. They

myBlueprint Personality Survey

My personality, based on the survey on myBlueprint, is ENFP (Extroverted, Intuiting, Feeling, Perceiving), or the Champion. I need to explore without constraints. I am an independent person. The surveys says that ENPFs areNusually thinking and sometimes overthink which can

myBlueprint Learning Styles Survey

The results of my survey told me that I am a 35% auditory learner, 33% kinesthetic learner, and a 32% visual learner. Even though I do not have one category that stands way apart from the other and can use

myBlueprint Sidebar

At the top of the of the sidebar is the section Home. Within the Home menu you can find your Dashboard, Activities, Goals, and Portfolios. The next part is Who Am I. You can take different surveys to find out

Who Am I

I attend school at St. Jerome’s Catholic School and I belong to the Spartans Jr. High basketball, volleyball, and badminton teams. I also participate on the Vermilion Reds baseball team. I have a younger brother, a mom, and a dad.

On The Sidewalk Bleeding Questions 1-9

The protagonist is a 16 year old boy named Andy. Andy is a tragic hero that was in existential crisis. He has a girlfriend named Laura. He had wanted marry Laura and move to a new area in the Bronx

Cornell Note Taking Method

     The Cornell Method ( ) is a note taking method developed in the 1950’s by Walter Pauk, ( ) a professor at Cornell University. It is split up into four main sections. The top, where your name,

Help the Earth and Its People

It is very important to protect the Earth, but it is also important to care for the less fortunate. If you are travelling across town, ride a bike to limit pollution in the air. The more cars on the road

St. Jerome’s School

Almost every week at St. Jerome’s School, an event is taking place. Some occasions, like Gymnastics Day, involve most of the school. Other times, a sporting tournament is on where only athletes on the team play. On non-eventful days, make

No Cell Phones in Class

Many students own cell phones in this day and age. That doesn’t give them the right to use it in class though. I think that students shouldn’t have cell phones in the classroom because of three main factors; distraction, privacy,

Fort Mac Fire

ICYMI: Latest #FortMcMurray, #Alberta wildfire update as of 6 am ET. #YMMfire More info: — CBC News Alerts (@CBCAlerts) May 4, 2016 Dramatic and fiery time-lapse video from @NovaCanuck of @FortMacToday escaping #ymmfire. — Edmonton Journal (@edmontonjournal) May

The Challenges to Survival

Today, there are many challenges to survive for humans. Even though we may feel safe, there is always the unexpected. Sometimes you need to take risks while other times you need to play it safe. Natural disasters have caused havoc

The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner

My book is called The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner. Michael, Bryson, and Sarah are the main characters and they are trying to defeat a tangent called Kaine. Michael and his friends were asked by the VirtNet Security (VNS)

Dream Home

My house would have five stories; two basements, a main level, and two upper levels. In the lower basement, I would have a large swimming pool, a ten person hot tub, and a sauna. The pool will be four metres

The Unsolved Riddles of Existence

Do you ever sit down and think about life’s problems? Many people often ponder about life’s dilemmas and have answers of their own. Here are probable answers to some of life’s riddles of existence. A common riddle is, “Should you

Youtube Playlist

My Personality My Youtube personality playlist! Hope you enjoy!  

Age of Voters Debate?

Why Shouldn’t Kids That Are 16 Be Able to Vote? If you are sixteen and you are able to drive, shouldn’t you be able to vote. Driving could immediately affect you but if you make the wrong decision voting it

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